Squaw Valley Drinking Water Conditions Vastly Improved


After a recent report on the contamination of water in Squaw Valley, the director of Placer County Environmental Health has reported that conditions have greatly improved.


In October of 2016 ski resorts in Squaw Valley around High Camp and Gold Coast Funitel had reported contamination in the local drinking water. Placer County Environmental Health had found coliform and E. coli in the water following an unusually high rainfall. The resort had just finished reconstructing its water supply system and had been certified to go back into service when higher than average precipitation washed contaminates into the system. Afterwards, the resort contacted environmental health and public service offices to make sure that systems were still safe to use.


Squaw Valley Public Service District General Manager Mike Geary says that “Given that Squaw Valley Resort recently completed construction of their updated water supply and distribution systems and subsequently received significantly above average rainfall, these results are not surprising”, and Squaw Valley has been working with Placer County Environmental Health in order to improve water conditions. All other water systems were uncontaminated, and the resort restricted access to the contaminated water to prevent guests from getting sick.


In the meantime, the resort has been supplying guests with bottled water and packaged food so they could continue to enjoy the resort facilities in spite of the water concerns.


By December 2016 the director of Placer County Environmental Health Wesley Nicks reported that the drinking water conditions have vastly improved. Thee of the four wells that serve the upper mountain reported no E. Coli and very low levels of coliform due to joint efforts of Squaw Valley and Placer County Environmental Health. While conditions are improving, Squaw Valley is dedicated to keeping its guests safe and will not open access to the drinking water until levels have completely returned to normal. No health issues have been reported, and the skiing facilities at the report have remained open.

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  1. Julianna Gael November 8, 2017

    It would be very disastrous for health if negligence is exhibited in terms of proper care for drinking water because unclean water amounts to numerous health defects. Using Russhessay i think the much needed improvement in the quality of drinking water in Squaw Valley has been made and this is positive news for the residents of Squaw valley as the number of those suffering from waterborne diseases would be drastically reduced.

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