Securus Technology makes public its customer testimonials

Securus Technologies has been at the forefront in providing technology that facilitates communication and monitoring services in prison facilities. The company recently released its list of customer testimonials and reviews. The reviews were received by the company through letters and emails. According to different users, the kind of technology made available by the company has been highly instrumental in fighting crime. Not does the software just record people’s phone calls, but also helps identifying and tracking people’s voices.



According to a detective in the tactical field, the software has been highly useful as it has helped him convict multiple subjects in the past. He estimates that the records provided by the company helped him convict close to eight out of ten subjects, marking an 80% success rate with using the software. The detective went on to note that of the 100 subjects he has helped convict in the past four years, most of them were arraigned in court just because of the recording facilities provided by Securus. Through the aid of the software, the company has been highly successful with solving crime under the US Attorney’s office.


Securus has dedicated itself to providing the best services to its clients. The company has had multiple new patents and is helping fight crime every year.


According to multiple customer reviews and testimonials, people have stated that they have found the software made available by Securus to be highly useful in innovation and being at the forefront in fighting crime. Securus Technologies is headquartered in Texas. It is a long established company and has served more than 3,450 correction facilities across the United States.

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  1. Welsh Sanderous March 9, 2017

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