Securus Releases a Digital Inmate Forms and Grievances Software.

Securus Technologies is one of the United States’ leading providers of technology for the criminal and civil industry. Its services are crucial to the sector as they assist in investigations, the safety of the public, inmate self-service, surveillance, biometric examination, inspection of goods and services, management of incidents, and corrections. The main offices of the company are located in Dallas, Texas, and its services are used by about 1.2 million inmates who are based in the northern part of America. All solutions that the firm offers are aimed at creating safety.

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The company recently announced its Inmates Forms and Grievance application, which they launched on ConnectUs, and they aim at helping clients to save time and money. According to the company’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Mr. Russell Roberts, the company is dedicated to being consistent at offering the latest technology to its clients. Paper forms are used by inmates in most prisons in filing applications such as medical, grievances, signing up and many others. Officers spend a lot of time at the correctional facilities in supplying, picking, transferring, responding and keeping the paper forms.

The new application from Securus enables the staff to create and distribute personalized forms for various requests. The forms can also be easily changed since it does not involve printing. The Inmate Forms and Grievance software transforms the hectic paper processes into a digital procedure. The automated system has been averagely processing about 13.8 forms each month, and this has helped the staff in saving time and devoting themselves to safety and security. ConnectUs is beneficial to the inmates since they can see the progress of their applications online.

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  1. Will Jack February 6, 2017

    The software is also able to control the kind of information that the convicts can access, and it is available in different languages. Securus has a target of connecting what matters. This has also made uk essay service review to become a respectable force in this field.

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