Richard Blair’s Three Pillar Approach To Wealth Management

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has a three pillar approach to wealth management at his company. Each pillar is designed to help clients move one step closer to achieving their financial goals. The fundamentals of each of the three pillars is described below.

The first pillar of Richard Blair is to create a financial roadmap for his client. The roadmap incorporates things such as client strengths, their risk aversion, investment opportunities and objectives. By seeing the client’s current situation it is much easier to layout a future plan to meet financial goals. This is the essence of the first pillar of the three pillared approach of Wealth Solutions.

The second pillar builds upon the financial roadmap or pillar created in the step above. Once a financial roadmap has been created, a financial plan can then be made to work towards the goals that the client wants to achieve.

Once a clear plan has established using the roadmap laid out previously, execution of the financial investment and wealth management begins. Richard Blair will then begin investing and relocating assets as he sees fit to ensure client returns meet goals and risks are minimized.

The third pillar of Richard Blair’s wealth management approach involves insurance. According to Creditor Weekly, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions enquires whether an investor needs insurance and offers them an insurance package that meets their needs. Richard Blair can offer both life insurance policies for dependents and family members as well annuity insurance policies.

About Richard Blair

Richard Blair is a financial advisor who created Wealth Solutions, a wealth management firm. Mr. Blair attended the University of Houston where he completed a bachelor’s degree in finance and management. He holds many certifications in the financial investment industry.

They include him being a certified annuity specialist, a certified estate and trust specialist and a retirement income certified professional.
Richard Blair’s company, Wealth Solutions offers retirement planning, financial planning and wealth management to clients. Mr. Blair is passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals. Whether it is setting aside money for a comfortable retirement or ensuring that one’s wealth does not lose value over time, Richard Blair is ready to help you.

His company is located at 13501 Galleria Circle Suite W-200 in Bee Cave, Texas 78738. Contact Richard Blair by calling 512-600-9880.

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  1. Elle Kellan May 10, 2017

    The plan takes in account the client’s specific liquidity and return goals. He is also a certified fund specialist, certified income specialist and a certified tax specialist. It detailed in some of the written at and i believe it should be very comprehensive.

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