Herbalife Nutrition Celebrates its New Sponsorship Deal

Herbalife is expanding its reach to athletes and students. The company has recently renamed the IMPACT Basketball Center. It will now be known as the Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center. It is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is initially a two year deal, and as part of the sponsorship, Herbalife will offer the help and knowledge of its team of sports nutritionists. The Herbalife24 NSF Certified for Sports line of nutritional products will be available to help athletes and students.

To mark the occasion, the arena held an event for 30 Teach for America students. The training session was help by two former NBA players, Tyronn Lue and Patrick O’Bryant. Between the two players they have almost 25 years of experience playing at the highest level. The camp was also attended by IMPACT’s founder, Joe Abunassar.

The executive director of Teach for America, Sean Parker, knows that there is a direct link between healthy and active students who take part in events like these and their ability to do well and school and in the workplace. The center will hold training camps for athletes of all levels. High school students all the way to professional athletes will make use of the the state-of-the-art facilities. Through online programs and video sessions, the benefits will not be limited to Las Vegas. Trainers and athletes from around the country will be able to make use Herbalife experts.

Herbalife has been working with some of the world’s top athletes for decades. It was founded in 1980, and the company is based in over 90 countries and it employs over 8,000 people. It has based its mission on supplying the best nutritional products that support healthy and active lifestyles. It does this in part through its non-profit wing, Herbalife Nutrition Foundation.




The Rise of Malcolm Casselle

Malcolm Casselle is perhaps best known for his role as the chief investment officer of OPSkins. OPSkins is the world’s leading centralized marketplace for the exchange of digital goods. In addition, it is also the world’s largest merchant which offers bitcoin. Malcolm Casselle was instrumental in the application of blockchain technology for this centralized marketplace. However, even utilizing blockchain technology still has its limitations whenever it is applied to a centralized market. This is the reason that Malcolm Casselle launched his very own company known as worldwide asset exchange for which he hopes to create the world’s largest decentralized marketplace for the exchange of digital assets.

He has successfully raised over $100 million in venture capital as a result of the initial coin offering for wax tokens the currency that will be utilized on this decentralized marketplace. Malcolm Casselle hopes that using a decentralized marketplace format will help to eliminate two key issues that have been in the digital asset exchange industry since it initially began. These are the issues of geographical fragmentation as well as fraudulent activity. By utilizing a decentralized format individuals around the world will be able to conduct transactions nearly instantly using a common currency without the need for a third-party to facilitate the trade or transaction. In addition by combining the immutability of the blockchain with the decentralized nature of the marketplace, fraudulent activity will all but be eliminated entirely.

Malcolm Casselle is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Since then he attended Stanford University in pursuit of his graduate education where he also received a degree in computer science. After the completion of his higher education, Malcolm Casselle began his professional life. He has seen success both as an entrepreneur and as an investor. He was wise enough to invest during the early stages of several bitcoin startup companies as well as both Facebook and Zynga. He has held several key leadership roles in several digital technology companies including a position as the chief investment officer of OPSkins the world largest online centralized marketplace for the exchange of digital goods.

Neurocore, Redefining the Future of Mental Health

A quick scan though Neurocore Twitter feed gives an impression of a futurist approach to mental health. With over 4000 tweets, the company is responsive to both potential clients interested in their services as well as updates. Due to their futuristic approach to one of the highest misunderstood medical niches, Neurocore has been a common feature in some of the most authoritative news outlets in the USA and around the world. Some of the common news outlets that have exclusively covered the entity include New York Times, Business Insider, and Washington Post. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


What makes Neurocore exceptionally unique? It is their approach to mental wellness. Their founding principle, tapping brainpower has been termed as the future of mental wellness. Through scientific background and treatments without drugs, the success rates of this medication options are remarkable. The main aim of this entity’s approach to brain wellness is to use a self-sustaining approach and greatly minimize any chance of aftereffects.


Which specific conditions does Neurocore specialize in treating? Mental health is diverse and probably one of the most complex human conditions. As an entity, Neurocore specializes in more than eight specific areas of mental health. Some of these areas include stress, sleep, memory, migraines, ASD, depression, ADHD and anxiety. In each of the following areas, there is an unmatched level of professionalism by different highly trained personnel. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.


How does the Neurocore approach mental health owing to the fact that mental health is complex? The treatment of this entity is a three steps process. One of the most important treatment process by Neurocore is an assessment. There are numerous ways to assess a patient but the entity uses three major and most effective assessment procedures. Heart and breathing rates together with a comprehensive qEEG technology help in assessing the mental situation of the patient.


After assessing the patient, Neurocore customizes the treatment procedure depending on the findings of the assessment. Unlike most treatment procedures, Neurocore gives each mental health situation a customized approach for maximum results. Dubbed as “Customized Program” the company respects the reality that each person is different. After the treatment, Neurocore assesses whether there is an improvement. The assessment is objective and if there is no improvement, the whole process starts again.

View: https://fox17online.com/2015/11/23/its-not-a-lifetime-of-paying-for-meds-neurofeedback-therapy-at-neurocore/

ClassDojo launches their first feature for parents

Seven years is enough time for most investors to have made investments and gotten several financial returns. That’s not the case for ClassDojo because it has taken precisely seven years for them to announce their first paid offer. The company is based in San- Francisco and its one of the education technology startup that at the start of this decade it was founded that’s still alive and developing without having made any revenue. That has not stopped it from amassing a footprint. ClassDojo has been boasting of their numbers, claiming that in a total of 95 teachers in elementary and middle school there is at least one teacher that’s making good use of their tool. The other thing that they claim is that in the U.S. six families that have kids that are under 14 one family will use the app on a daily bases.

From the time ClassDojo was launched in August 2011 they have been loyal to their commitment not to charge schools or teachers. Now they have announced the plan that they will use to sustain the model. They will be offering a program that will be going for a monthly subscription that the parent can use at home. The app ClassDojo beyond School will have features with an aim that parents will get help in ways they can connect with their kids through reflection activities, exercises, and meditations. The other feature that the app will have is a feedback tool that will give awards when positive habits occur.

The primary goal of the company is that they will assist parents in making good use of the opportunities and turn them into learning experiences. The features will be somehow the same with what ClassDojo is offering the parents now. The most used app of the company is the behavior incentivization system. The app gives the teacher a platform that they can use to track a student’s behavior by giving or subtracting digital points. The same features will be in the Beyond schools. Where they will offer that equal opportunity to parents, and they will be able to provide the awarding points.

Nick Vertucci: Important Lessons from the Real Estate Veteran

It is common knowledge that there are a large number of individuals who keeps earning income while others are experiencing extreme losses. Some investors are able to remain relevant in a period when upcoming or young investors record sky-rocketing losses. Nick Vertucci, the man behind the book, Seven Figure Decisions, is one of those investors who always keep on getting a significant proportion of income despite the market trends indicating that other investors in different industries are losing their investments.

After a close analysis of Nick Vertucci and his economic activities, there is one clear aspect that many people don’t realize. He is an exceptional real estate investor who has been able to achieve a significant amount of resources through his real estate business. He has been able to read and interpret the market in such a way that only other few people can be able to analyze the market and come up with such clear conclusions. He has always been able to invest when it matters and withdraw from the industry when other individuals are experiencing losses.

It is also clear that Nick Vertucci has several streams of income as compared to other real estate investors who have a single stream of income; from the real estate properties. Besides getting significant amount of resources and returns from real estate properties, Nick receives a large amount from his own radio show in one of the local radios in the country. The show mostly focuses on providing real estate skills and investment knowledge to those people are interested.

The other source of income is his real estate academy, which is a school that offers theoretical and practical lessons about how an individual can become a real estate investor. The real estate academy can be found in different parts of the country, which makes it accessible to a large number of individuals. The institution has a significant number of students, which means that it provides sufficient income to the real estate investor.

It is clear that Nick Vertucci has several sources of income, including selling of real estate motivation books. This means that he is able to remain relevant at any time even when the real estate industry is experiencing extreme losses. Other investments continue to generate income, which keeps him operational. This is a diversification strategy that other real estate investors can incorporate with the aim of minimizing losses while at the same time increasing their sources of income

The Journey of Southridge Capital with Stephen Hicks at the Front Seat

Southridge Capital LLC is a major player in financial services at Connecticut. The company is committed to provide the best structured finance as well as advisory services to public companies. The company has worked to satisfy its clients through its innovative spectrum of financial solutions.



It brings together experts in the sector and managers who have a vast understanding of financial dynamics. Its financial plans are helping companies to grow at a very high rate. Since its conception, Southridge Capital LLC has been focused on investing in start-ups and so far, it has invested in a number of them. The investments have seen it spend $1.8 billion in over 250 companies across the world. Its association with growing companies made it start offering corporate consultancy and other services to the startups.



It has developed a strong expertise in projected financial statement formulations that go hand in hand with financial as well as operational assumptions. Companies also rely on Southridge Capital for balance sheet optimization as well as individualized financial strategies. It balances equity with debt on behalf of clients while at the same time putting in place strategies that can propel the client company forward. Away from that, other services it provides includes; restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advisory, M&As and legal settlement services. For more details visit LinkedIn.



Stephen M. Hicks founded Southridge Capital in 1996. He has played a major role in spearheading the efforts of the company. With over 30 years of experience, Stephen Hicks specializes on business development and implementation and formulating business strategies at the company.His leadership team is made up of Linda Carlsen, Laurence J. Ditkoff, Narine Persaud and Henry B. Sargent.



Back in 1996, Southridge started small, as a hedge fund. Stephen M. Hicks worked around the clock to expand the company not only nationwide, but also globally. Narrating about what led to the decision of founding Southridge, Stephen M. Hicks said that his job at a New York-based hedge fund threatened to hit the rocks after its owner decided to close it down and move back to his home country Australia. The owner of the hedge fund allowed him to start his own hedge fund while working for him to wind up the firm’s operations. That saw Southridge Capital come to existence.


See more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/southridge-investment-group#section-overview

Guilherme Paulus Contribution To The Economy And Social Welfare In Brazil

Guilherme Paulus is one of the greatest investors in the tourism world. He is also a role model to millions of young Brazilian youths and a philanthropist. His life shows what vision, determination, and strong character can be of help to a visionary person. Paulus name is synonymous with success. Paulus transition from just being an employee of IBM to a recipient of many awards and recognition has been an inspiration to many young people in growing Latin America and specifically Brazil.

His introduction to the world of investment was in the competitive tourism industry. Although nine years ago he sold a portion of ownership of CVC ownership, the company’s consistency for the many decades is solely his contribution. Guilherme Paulus approach to business and diversification has been a result of his futuristic approach to business. Currently, he has interests in the vast growing tourism industry and hospitality. GJP Hotels (& Resorts) has revolutionized the hotel industry by being the trendsetter regarding quality and efficiency. The group of hotels has more than 14 resorts.

As an investor in Brazilian tourist economy, Guilherme Paulus has been featured in many magazine covers in and out of Brazil. Apart from magazines recognition, governments in Latin America, Europe and in the USA appreciate Paulus’s efforts. In France for example, the French government recognized his efforts in influencing French tourism positively. In his home country, the government acknowledges his efforts in making Brazil an ideal tourism destination through infrastructure.

The business administration graduate has heavily invested in young people. As one of the people who value his country, his contribution in the last four decades in empowering young people is exceptionally significant. Apart from heavily contributing in many medical camps and improvement of education, his gesture of opening doors of the hospitality industry to interested people is generous. Guilherme Paulus is currently the highest contributor to the organization that helps the young people have a soft landing in the tourism industry. This opportunity is open to the willing people, especially from the disadvantage Brazilian homes. Besides, Dr. Klaide Care (Foundation) has been dear to him, and the relationship with the foundation is more than a decade old.

Boraie Development and Apartment Joy

The Aspire is the name of a Newark, New Jersey structure that’s composed of apartments. It has 238 apartments as of now. This is a building that’s in the heart of all of the action in bustling New Brunswick. People who reside at the Aspire are just seconds away from the train station that serves the city. That means that they can travel to all sorts of New Jersey destinations without issue. Life is chock-full of conveniences for the tenants of the Aspire. Since they’re in the middle of everything New Brunswick has to offer, they never have to worry about eating out. They never have to worry about shopping. They’re close to all kinds of delicious eateries in the city. They’re close to all kinds of boutiques, grocery stores and more. They’re even close to lounges, bars and the like. People who are looking to let loose in New Brunswick may want to live at the Aspire.


The Aspire is associated with an assortment of highlights that are conducive to modern convenience. The lobby is home to a doorman who is on-call 24 hours a day without exception. This can be terrific for security purposes. People who want to live in buildings that control individuals who can get in and get out can back this concept fully. This structure can be a boon for people who care about health and physical fitness as well. It includes a exercise center that can be excellent for folks who wish to get a little cardiovascular activity in. It can be excellent for people who wish to squeeze in some resistance training. It even has a designated area for yoga sessions.


According to Patch, the roof has an enchanting garden and sundeck. People who are drawn to sunny weather and tranquility often spend time on the roof. The roof can come in handy in times of warmer and milder temperatures. For more details visit Crunchbase.


People all over the place know all about Shaquille O’Neal. He’s a major athlete who has been captivating people for years now. Many people aren’t aware of the fact that Newark, New Jersey was his town. Sam Boraie is in the process of putting together a notable apartment building there. The tower has a value of close to $80 million. Newark hasn’t seen a building of this kind in half a century. Boraie Development is a firm that handles urban development matters. Its staff understands real estate marketing, property management and more.



Click here: http://www.boraie.com/news/gambling-on-millenials


Southridge Capital LLC; Leading Financial Solutions

Southridge Capital LLC has spent more than a $1 billion to the market economy. With having endorsed and funding 200 and firms, managing their balance sheet is an ability they’ve perfected. Individualizing fiscal instruments and methods, Southridge Capital has completely used this technology to help in their hazard analysis. Services offered by the company are available in many forms. Most of including financial evaluation. Financial investigation embodies a multifaceted discipline which needs a rigorous, comprehensive, and rigorous review of those markets.


Business models ascertain the results of the connection. Restructuring Analysis occurs in the company also, helping companies with the very best plan of action concerning outcome risk. Including everything from bankruptcy information to settling lawsuit. Check out Ideamensch to know more.


Still another skill set utilized by the company is to facilitate professional services of securitization, solutions to credit and financing improving. Southridge seems to grow a organization’s credit-worthiness in timely fashion, so as to help eliminate debt. Known for its distinctive and strategical clinics, the company is able help portfolios for businesses during financial troubles. Among the numerous perks related to getting business with this business. Social responsibility being over all else.


According to Newswire, Southridge Capital’s structured finance facet of providers involves Securitization, Credit Improving, and Lending Solutions. The staff at Southridge is attentive to how companies which are in need of funding don’t benefit from all the chances they might have. As a part of its”beyond the box” thinking, among the Securitization options that Southridge provides is monetization of a firm’s existing asset base through loans against cyber stocks, capital or a range of different assets.


What’s more, Southridge collaborates with firms’ creditors directly to be able to get rid of debt in favor of common stock and consequently helps firms raise their creditworthiness. The Southridge arrangement is employed based on the present degree of bandwidth in the corporation’s inventory, without needing a registration statement and minimum market effect — this gains businesses.


Southridge also deals with its portfolio companies in regards to financial problems, purchase curating solutions in agreement with the contexts. Southridge also provides their dividend Purchase Agreement (EPA) that empowers organizations to increase capital according to their fantasies and needs independently, irrespective of the market requirements.


Southridge Capital makes attempts to meet philanthropy, volunteer work, and functioning within the community to get a larger effect. Being involved with neighborhood has offered a healthy, functioning environment that has improved everybody at Southridge Capital. The company wants to give support and strength to those that ask their aid. Southridge Capital creator and wife, Mary Hicks, utilized this achievement to begin a different widely-recognized charitable organization called the Daystar Foundation. While also looking for recognition and establishing existence over the financial markets.



Click here: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/southridge-capital-enters-into-a-5-million-equity-purchase-agreement-with-elite-data-services-inc-300118746.html


The growth journey of Tony Petrello at Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer. As the COO, he was supposed to oversee the operations of the company. His position was just below that of the CEO. His main contributions as the COO is how he managed to streamline the operations of the company. He managed to do it in a way that many people would not have expected. Tony made his position as an executive even more solid after he was appointed to the board of directors and the board’s executive committee just two years after joining the company. He maintained the impressive track record as a leader that when the set of the CEO fell vacant, there was only one person who could have taken up that position and it was no other than Tony Petrello.

Tony Petrello president of Nabors industries in 1992. Since then, he started implementing management measures which turned the business operations of the company in the right direction. The measures placed the company in the line of becoming the biggest company in the drilling sector. His contribution to the growth of the business has been the reason we see the company become the top company in the world. He made some decisions which expanded business operations. For instance, in 1993, he was behind the purchase of a competing firm in the drilling industry known as Grace Drilling. The transaction cost $32 million. Another purchase under his watch took place in 2010 when Nabors Industries bought Superior Well Services. Some of these decisions are the reasons why the company is doing so well. They are also proof of Tony’s brilliance.

Tony Petrello finally became the CEO of Nabors industries in 2011. He was also named the chairman of the board’s executive committee. Since then, he has been making great decisions which have seen the business fortunes get better than before. There have been other businesses deals with other companies which have expanded the operations of Nabors Industries.

Looking at the growth journey of Nabors Industries, you cannot ignore the input of Tony Petrello. He has managed to do what others could not have managed.

To know more visit @: www.crunchbase.com/person/anthony-petrello#/entity