Their Name Is Even Better Now

Goettl Air Conditioning is an established HVAC business name in Las Vegas Nevada as well as Phoenix and Tuscon Arizona. They have been in these areas for many years and have established themselves as a leader in the air conditioning field. Their acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air 2 years ago will take their established base, make it even bigger and, hopefully, better. While this acuisition has come as a surprise to some, there are insiders in the southwest region who are not surprised in the least.

Walton’s Heating and Air has been stagnant for quite some time, so a change such as this was anticipated. They still have a solid customer base, but they were not growing on pace with the industry standard of growth. Goettl saw this and saw an opportunity for their own growth by approaching Walton’s owner Todd Longbrake with an offer. Longbrake took Goettl up on their offer and is currently with the merged version of both companies.

This was a smart move on the part of Goettl, maintaining Longbrake, because of the knowledge and expertise that he could bring to the company. The existing customer base that Walton’s had in Southern California has also helped Goettl expand their area of service to include more of the southwest. This is an area of continued growth so it is an ideal piece of “real estate” for an HVAC company such as Goettl. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

There is still competition within this field and in this region, so the industry itself is still quite healthy. This is good news for the consumer as this ensures competitive pricing on both sales and service. On top of all that, the way this acquisition played out gives Goettl an even better name in the business than they already had. The integrity and professionalism of it all was, if anything else, a brilliant marketing move. If Goettl had a good name before, it is even better now.


Nathaniel Ru – The Man Behind a Healthier Fast Food Alternative

Nathaniel Ru is a co-founder and one of the chief executive officers of Sweetgreen, a chain of restaurants that provides healthier dining options compared to traditional fast food outlets in the form of salads made of organic, locally sourced produce. Ru graduated from Georgetown University in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in finance and, soon afterwards, opened the first Sweetgreen outlet in the heart of Georgetown alongside two of his classmates, co-founders Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet.

This was in response to the lack of healthy eating options available in Georgetown. The fact that their business survived its first winter break, when the students of Georgetown headed back home for the holidays, meant that Sweetgreen could make it in the long run, according to the three co-founders.

Apart from providing fresh salads at 40 outlets across the United States, Sweetgreen makes ordering its scrumptious dishes easy through its website and mobile app, with about 30% of customer purchases taking place online.

Nathaniel Ru and his co-founders have also adopted a new approach to management, closing down their offices 5 times a year so that the office-based employees also get a chance to work at Sweetgreen’s outlets and serve its customers directly. Despite being an ever-expanding network of salad bars, Sweetgreen does not have a corporate headquarters. When asked why this is so, Nathaniel Ru said that the company prefers having a “decentralized headcount”.

Customers have a satisfying experience whenever they visit Sweetgreen. The wait is a little long, usually of 15 minutes, before one can finally place his or her order, but the food is “nourishing” and “reasonably priced”, according to the Tech Insider. The author of the article, Drake Baer, goes on to write, “Unlike many lunch salads, you’re not hungry 45 minutes after eating one,” which shows that Sweetgreen’s focus is not on providing mere salads, but complete, wholesome meals. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

The restaurants have also been carefully designed so that customers feel good when they visit, and a team member walks them through the process of creating the wide variety of salads while the customers get a clear view of the open kitchen. It is all part of an idea that Nathaniel Ru calls “service design”.

Another aspect that sets Sweetgreen apart is the fact that it buys and uses all edible parts of the crops it purchases, not just the parts people are used to seeing. It lets customers try out new salad combinations, which can be healthier than the usual products, according to Ru.

The innovations in the products as well as the cutomer experience, led by Nathaniel Ru and his co-founders, have caused sales to grow which might continue to rise in the future thanks to Sweetgreen’s philosophy of modernity.

The Devotion of Dr. Scott Rocklage in revolutionizing the Healthcare Sector

The achievements of Dr. Scott Rocklage have inspired many people who are planning to or have already ventured in biochemical research or entrepreneurship. Currently, he is the managing partner at 5AM Ventures. He joined the company in 2003 and became a managing partner in the subsequent year.

The Boston-based doctor has been in the health sector for close to three decades and has gained vast experience in healthcare management. This matched up with his key roles in leadership, and great scientific background has established Dr. Rocklage as an effective leader in the pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and venture capital domains.

In addition to his role at 5AM Ventures, he is the chairperson of the boards of Achaogen, Relypsa, and Semprus. Before joining the 5AM Ventures, Dr. Scott was the Chairperson and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He also worked at Nycomed Salutar as the President and CEO.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has an impressive education background. He attended the University of California where he pursued a Bachelor’s of Science Degree specializing in Chemistry. He continued his training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he attained a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Chemistry. While at Massachusetts, he worked closely with Richard R. Schrock, a former Nobel Prize Winner. All his studies were conducted at Schrock’s Lab.

The 61-year old doctor spearheaded the approval of three new drugs applications by the FDA in the United States. The drugs include Omniscan™, Cubicin®, and Teslascan®. Dr. Rocklage has invented and co-invented approximately 30 patents in the States. He is a writer and has more than 100 publications which are subject to peer review.

The main roles of Dr. Rocklage as the managing partner at 5AM Ventures include studying the new aspects of life science, preparing and attending the board meetings, and coordinating with portfolio Company’s Management panel.

The doctor also works with the entrepreneurs such as scientists, physicians, and business executives in the domain of life science. This team works together in shaping ideas into potential drugs to meet previously unattended and emerging needs in the medical sector.

Dr. Rocklage applies his strategic leadership skills to ensure that 5AM Ventures is the company for those firms interested in life sciences. 5AM operates in collaboration with other corporations that invent solutions to solve needs in the healthcare sector.

The company uses superior scientific and medical technology to diagnose, treat, and prevent numerous medical disorders.

JHSF Takes Risks to Make Profits

JHSF is a market leader in the real estate market in Brazil. Founded in 1972, JHSF has seen good and bad days, but the persistence and determination of the management have brought the firm to its current success. JHSF mainly focuses on such functions as commercial and residential markets acquisition, management, and development. The firm categorizes the kind of real estate it engages in, and this is mainly shopping centers, executive airports, and hotels. Upon being accepted in the market, JHSF started participating in the stock market; its shares have been traded in FBovsespa and NorvoNercado stock markets for ten years.

JHSF management team takes risks that the ordinary real estate companies or investors will not take. They mainly identify opportunities in the high-end Brazilian market and devise the strategic measures required to take the opportunities. Mainly, the firm does what has not been done, and is usually the market leader in Brazil. The managers at JHSF say that even when a venture presents risky probabilities, they embrace it as long as it promises ample returns in case of success. The managers at JHSF posit that they avoid pessimism as this would make them avoid chances that would boost their success. The management also says that if losses occur, they learn from them and make better decisions in future. Being a pioneer in many market opportunities makes JHSF highly profitable in comparison to other organizations.

JHSF mainly operates in prestigious capitals like Salvador, Sao Paolo, and Manaus. In these locations, the company mainly constructs and develops hotels, malls, restaurants, and international airports. The firm has several achievements in its span of operations. Case in point, the Catarina urban development project has been completed. The first phase of the above project was the Catarina fashion boutiques and the Catarina executive airport. The second phase entailed the high-class hotels by JHSF in the influential parts of Brazil.

The Vitra building, which was designed by Daniel Libeskinf also belongs to JHSF. The building has been rated by experts among the top 3 best buildings in the world. The Vitra project also completed other 34 state-of-the-art projects, which are all owned by JHSF.

Long, Arduous, but Worth-While Journey

No one loves the wild more than Mark Hutchinson. After spending most of his life in Australia, Hutchinson traveled throughout Africa and spread his love of adventure. Hutchinson created a company called UNTAMED which focused on having a nice and adventurous experience with nature. Eventually UNTAMED changed into a new company called Avana which focused on training business and ecotourism. Some of the earliest memories of MArk Hutchinson consisted of the Outback, open space, and long gleaming tracks.

Hutchinson was in love with the idea of driving through dirt roads and driving through areas that exposed nature. He received his Bachelor of Economics from the University in Sydney and after he received it, Hutchinson was in route to start his own training company. Mark Hutchinson met his business partner, Anton Lategan, in 2005 after he had completed an eco-training course in South Africa. Anton Lategan and Hutchinson had the goal to help others around the world, conserve nature, and help people reconnect with nature in a very personal level. Learn more:

Mark Hutchinson believes that many of us have lost our connection with nature because we are completely behind technology nowadays. He states that humans don’t care too plant trees in their backyard, go for a walk in the park, or even connecting with the water. The way that Hutchinson connects with nature is that he raises his family in the wild area most of the time and he combines it with a little bit of the urban area lifestyle. Learn more:

WildArk came to Mark HUtchinson because of his immense love for adventure and the wild. He wanted to help out nature and the eco-system any way that he could. His wife was someone that helped him gather up the business ideas for WildArk. Mark Hutchinson’s goal was to make earth a better place for his children and the many generations to come. Learn more:


Securus Technologies and the Fight for Police Safety

In order for officers working inside the jail to be safe, we have to be working hard each day to control the environment in which we work. On any given day, we are outnumbered by the inmates, and that gives them a huge advantage if they were to try to come after us. Now you include things like weapons or drugs, and the stakes get that much higher as we are now in for a real fight for our lives.


To try and limit any types of contraband from getting into the hands of the inmates, the first thing we do is surprise cell inspections throughout the day. If we can locate anything illegal inside the cells, then it can not be used to harm officers. We even check the mail each day for any traces of drugs. The inmates have become quite resourceful when it comes to coating the paper with liquid drugs, so we really need to be paying close attention.


We used to expend a ton of manpower having to listen to the inmates when they were using the phones. Since Securus Technologies installed their monitoring system, the LBS software gives my team the chance to focus our efforts on other areas while the system scans all the calls and immediately alerts us if something is of concern.


Securus Technologies is headed by their CEO, Rick Smith, who says his employees are all committed to making the world safe. This system is already in two thousand jails, and has been quite effective at reducing such incidents. Now we will get an alert from the system if an inmate is talking about weapons or drugs. There have been numerous tips already this month where we were able to take away the contraband from the inmates before they could do anyone harm.


The Noble Role Patty Rocklage play in Helping People with Emotional Needs

Patty Rocklage is a licensed psychotherapist of the states of Massachusetts. She studied at the University of South California where she graduated with a degree in psychology in 1981. Patty offers family and marriage counselling to individuals, couples, and families going through the rough challenges faced by families in the American Society. Read more: Patty Rocklage | LinkedIn and Twitter Rocklage | Twitter

Rocklage has worked as a psychotherapist for more than two decades. This has equipped her with intensive knowledge which she utilizes well when helping her clients overcome their struggles. Her clients receive a warm invitation which helps them open up and share their challenges with patty Rocklage. She aims to connect with her clients constructively. Patty maintains the confidentiality of her clients, as she comprehends the sensitive nature of their struggles.

While working as a psychotherapist, Patty has acquired valuable skills such as public speaking, coaching, team building, as well as teaching. These unique skills and her warmth have assisted numerous clients to achieve their personal growth. Rocklage believes in the importance of the community, and this is seen in her participation in community outreach services.

Patty is an active philanthropist. Together with Dr. Scott Rocklage, they gave a gift that would assist with the renovation of the nanotechnology and nanochemistry laboratory of the chemistry department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Dr. Scott, an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, completed his PhD level under Richard Schrock, a Nobel Prize winner.

Later, the two toured the institution to celebrate their magnanimous gift to the school. The tour was headed by Professor Bawendi. He was accompanied by his top graduate students, He Wei and Whitney Hess. The members of the tour group assembled in the entrance hall of the lab where the plaque honouring the Rocklage generous contribution was placed.

Patty is a contributor to the Sudanese Education Fund, which was launched to assist Southern Sudanese individuals living in Massachusetts acquire jobs and attain educational as well as financial stability.

Patty Rocklage lives with her family in Sudbury, Massachusetts. The family is not only well known but also highly regarded. Patty Rocklage and her husband are an epitome of successful people who donate their earnings to ensure the role of education in making the world a healthier and better place to live.

Meet Sawyer Howitt; A Youth With A Brilliant Entrepreneurial Mindset

Often, psychologists say that one’s family background plays a significant role in determining one’s future concerning career and success, an idea I agree with wholeheartedly. Sawyer Howitt is a living proof that family background helps in shaping one’s abilities in handling various responsibilities in the future.

Sawyer Howitt was born and raised around his family’s business. His father David Howitt is the founder and the seating CEO of the renowned Meriwether Group. Meriwether Group has been in the industry for about two decades and has created a reputation of assisting entrepreneurs to accomplish their ideas regarding product development. Over and over again, David’s organization has continued to nurture and mentor entrepreneurs in achieving success, a skill that mysteriously appears in his son.

When it comes to leading, Sawyer Howitt has proven all odds. The enthusiastic youngster started working in his father’s company while still in high school. As many would say, while growing up around his father’s business, the talented youngster was in a position to grasp a few tips needed in leading. Today, Sawyer works as the project manager for Meriwether even before graduating this summer, an accomplishment that many entrepreneurs have achieved at even 30 years or so. Before joining his father’s company, Sawyer worked as a Business Strategy Analyst at RFID Checkout for about a year. Besides, the successful entrepreneur worked at KURE Juice Bar in Customer Service for about three months.

Upon graduating from his high school studies, Sawyer plans to join the University of Colombia and pursue his degree in Entrepreneurial Finance so as to boost his entrepreneurial skills. Concerning his contribution, Sawyer has proven to be a jack of all trades. The enterprising entrepreneur is blessed with excellent customer service skills, not forgetting his broad experience in digging through any form of spreadsheets to seek solutions.

Besides, Sawyer’s life does not only revolve around business. During his free time, the successful youth dedicates his time to various acts of kindness. He works in close cooperation with different philanthropic organizations. Often, Sawyer has lead various international ethnic study groups, supported women’s rights, and mentored youths among many other activities.

U.S. Money Reserve Releases e-Book

In a recent article released by PR Newswire, U.S. Money Reserve, America’s Gold Authority released a new eBook entitled The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.

The eBook, which is aimed at educating on global economic risk and protecting your money by purchasing gold; is available when purchasing a limited time offer made available on the U.S. Money Reserve website.

The article goes on to speculate about looming trade wars and global threats accelerating economic risk. Philip N. Diehl, the president of U.S. Money Reserve is quoted as saying, “Gold has long been the world’s safe-haven asset, which is why we see gold’s greatest price surges during times of economic uncertainty. It is tangible and less vulnerable to volatility, making gold a powerful government-approved tool in protecting your savings from global risk and potential loss.” Learn more about US Money Reserve:

This was followed a few days later by blog post on their website where Diehl suggests starting now, if you haven’t already, to build your precious metal portfolio. Buying when prices are down makes it affordable if you have limited funds and they have what are referred to as “fractional” Proofs available in half-ounce, quarter ounce and tenth-ounce coins.

Glassdoor revealed that U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest private distributors of U.S. government issued gold, silver and platinum products. In business since 2001, with headquarters in Austin, Texas they have grown to an estimated 200 employees. They are known for their expert coin and market intelligence and numismatic research professionals. If you are considering securing your financial future with the purchase of gold or some of the other products, whether offered through another distributor or private dealer; U.S. Money Reserve’s experts are always available to advise you.

Feel secure in the knowledge that you have professionals guiding you through the process of making your purchase of precious metals. The U.S. Reserve has multiple means of contact. To get started simply go to and sign up for a Free Gold Information Kit, your complete guide to buying gold. Or you can call toll free 1-844-307-1589 and speak with one of their superior customer service representatives. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.





Success Academy Approaches Kids as “Scholars” Not “Students”

For decades New York City Schools have suffered from low test scores, while “teaching to the test.” Along came Success Academy, a brand of Charter School that is making a difference in the lives of inner-city children. Success Academy recently won the 2017 Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools. Part of the reason for this honor is that in 2016 Success Academy middle and elementary school students scored in the top 10 percentile for performance in Math, English, and Science. Mastery of these all important 21st-century skills makes the difference when especially math and science literacy can build a bridge to college acceptance and a lucrative career as an adult.


So what makes Success Academy different and how do they do it? Perhaps the most obvious key to their success is that they invest more in each child. Success Academy students wear uniforms and are addressed as “scholars”. They spend more time each day and more days each year in the classroom learning. Middle Schoolers receive tablets pre-loaded with books. The “blended” approach to reading is handled just right.


Lessons at Success Academy are comprehensive and are always constructed with an end goal in mind. They do not teach to the test as Success Academy is content driven. If a child receives quality content instruction each day, often with hands-on instruction, they will master what they need to know to ace the test. The lessons are also often cross disciple. For example, while students learning about the history of a New York City landmark, an engineering lesson is also incorporated. To teach writing skills, Success Academy takes a page from college curriculum, using a workshop model where the proper emphasis on editing and revising rather than just creating first drafts. Students from kindergarten up have science class every day, which is different than most elementary schools where science in the lower grades is s “special” to attend two or three times a week.


The quantitative achievement evidence is clear. Once “students” become “scholars” like they do at Success Academy, the sky is the limit for their academic and life achievement.