Matthew Fleeger the oil exploration tycoon

Matthew Fleeger is regarded as the American oil exploration tycoon. He is the current CEO of Gulf coast western. He is listed in Who’s Who business professionals internationally.

Matthew Fleeger is revered for his exceptional management skills. He is very competent in planning, teamwork, entrepreneurial and contracts negotiation abilities. These skills have seen him upgrade the companies he has worked with, and he was promoted to higher levels.

Before coming to Gulf Coast Western, he was working as the CEO of Medsolutions. This is the company he founded and was dealing with transportation, divestment, and treatment of waste from medical facilities and companies. He led this company as the CEO and president for 13 years.

Sale of Media solutions

Media solutions thrived in its endeavor and Fleeger was approached to sell it. He, therefore, sold media solutions to Stericycle at $59 million. He remained jobless and went back to his father’s company in 2007.

Gulf coast western

Matthew Fleeger’s father founded this company in 1970 and based it in Dallas. It opened operations in Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

The company has partnered with others for success, and it has two partners in southern Louisiana. It took over all the operations of Orbit Energy partners in Louisiana. It has also acquired orbit gulf coast. These two companies have helped gulf coast western to expand their services and hence increased returns.

Gulf coast western has endeavored to explore and extract oil in the entire region of the United States of America. It has offices in most parts of the area, especially along the coast. Examples are Oklahoma, Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana.

Matthew Fleeger and gulf coast western

After selling a media solution to Stericycle, he came back to his father’s company. He was voted the best candidate to take over the company as its CEO. He was the right person moving to his education at souther Methodist University. He also led the other companies to excel in their operations, so he was regarded as a precious asset.

Matthew Fleeger has led the company to explore new fields. It has opened other operation areas, and he has increased the number of expertise onboard. Gulf coast western has grown to become one of the biggest oil exploration companies in the region.

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