Improving Austin’s Traffic Flow – Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

Traffic can be the bane of people’s existence. Clogged up expressways and roads prevents people from getting done what needs to be done. This is a common problem in Williamson County and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority headed up by Mike Heiligenstein is looking for different solutions. The group is looking at technology to change the face of transportation in the Austin area.


As the population continues to grow, the expressways connecting the urban and suburban communities need to change. Space is becoming limited and autonomous autos aren’t necessarily the answer as they don’t relieve the quantities of cars on the road. It just gives the driver the ability to focus on other items during their commute.


Reducing the number of cars on the road will be the biggest obstacles and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority believes that the first and last mile for public transit need to be addressed. This is because all people can’t live right on a transit line, so Uber has been mentioned as a solution for this option. This will limit highway use as typically it is within neighborhoods.


Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. This was started in 2002 as considered an independent government agency. They are tasked with keeping traffic flowing for the fast-growing Austin area. One of the key initiatives of the group is to move toward toll system that doesn’t need to collect cash and slow down traffic. Instead, a cash-less system would be used and the tolls automatically deducted from the driver’s account. In addition to tollways, they are building express lanes to expedite traffic through heavily used areas. In addition to the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Mike serves as President of the International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility’s purpose is to reduce congestion and increase traffic flow in the Austin area as well as provide different transportation options. This could be through bussing, cabs, rail, ubers and possibly gondolas. The goal of the authority is to improve life and economic vitality and growth. The group is directed by seven board members that have extensive experience in the transportation of all aspects.

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