Harry Harrison Interview

An entrepreneur of enlightened values, Harry Harrison is the exemplar of an impassioned businessman. A man of coveted intellect, Harrison earned two degrees from separate universities. Harrison’s extensive college career armed him with abundant insight into finance and economics. Putting his vast expertise to use, Harrison promptly delved into his line of work. According to Harrison, a vocation in financial services was undoubtedly his calling. During the infancy of his career, Harrison was keen to glean as much knowledge as he could.

Fortunately, Harrison acquired something far more valuable: experience. As his career evolved, Harrison became an advocate for innovation. While working at Barclays Non-Core, Harrison discovered just how advantageous reform is to expanding companies. In 2003, Harrison endeavored to make Barclays a key component in the U.S. rates market. During this undertaking, Harrison decided that a “copycat strategy” wouldn’t breed any results. With that said, Harrison and his colleagues devised a revolutionary paradigm that allowed Barclays to extend far beyond America roots.

As a result, Barclays forged foreign relations, in turn making them instrumental in the development of American rate markets. Upon demonstrating his prowess as a pioneer, Harrison propelled to the highest ranks of his domain. Soon after, he was appointed the head of Barclays Non-Core. Though Harrison experienced wild success at Barclays, he eventually retired from his role in 2017. These days, Harrison enjoys spending time at home with his children while offering financial counseling services on the side. Private equity, business technology, and venture capital are some areas he advises individuals on.

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