David Osio Explains The Significance Of Davos Real Estate Group New Mobile App

Together with his team of Executives at the Davos Real Estate Group, David Osio presided the launch of the group’s new mobile application. During the presentation of the “Davos CAP Calculator” app to the company’s clientele, David and his associates pointed out some of the Apps key features and why it takes the company a notch higher as an industry leader. For instance, the app is said to be developed using the latest dynamic technology and available in both Android and iPhone applications.

Purpose of the App
According to Osio, the Davos CAP calculator provides the user with valuable market information at the touch of a button. Instead of approaching an agent every time you needed clarification of possible potential revenue from different items of property, you can use the app to calculate the returns in real time by putting into consideration the direct expenses and contingencies.

To make the app worthwhile, the Davos app allows members to browse through a variety of properties available for sale in the United States while allowing the user to estimate their profitability using the App. The real estate giant has also partnered with several banks and other mortgage financiers that provide them with data that app users can use to calculate and compare different mortgage rates based on the duration of the debt.
Additionally, Davos real estate clients can communicate directly with their respective agents by way of chatting through the platform. Here they can also reference historical information with their discussed in the past with their agents that are accessible through the application. Speaking during the launch, David also mentioned that the company is quickly implementing an expansionary strategy targeting European markets starting with Spain. He, therefore, stressed that app users would soon benefit from a large pool of properties to invest on both in America and several European countries.

About David Osio
David Osio is the founder and CEO of the financial advisory group, Davos Financial Group that parents several multi-industry companies including the Davos Real estate group. Since the establishment of the parent financial advisory company in 1993, Davos quickly diversified into the real estate and other service industries. Davos has also founded several independently licensed companies in strategic cities like Geneva, New York, and Miami as well as Geneva.

Professionally, Davos graduated with specialized studies in International Banking Law. He then started his career as the president of OPED enterprises being in charge of the coffee export programs. Davos depended on the experience gained in the managerial positions with these companies when he decided to venture out solo and establish Davos Financials.
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