ClassDojo launches their first feature for parents

Seven years is enough time for most investors to have made investments and gotten several financial returns. That’s not the case for ClassDojo because it has taken precisely seven years for them to announce their first paid offer. The company is based in San- Francisco and its one of the education technology startup that at the start of this decade it was founded that’s still alive and developing without having made any revenue. That has not stopped it from amassing a footprint. ClassDojo has been boasting of their numbers, claiming that in a total of 95 teachers in elementary and middle school there is at least one teacher that’s making good use of their tool. The other thing that they claim is that in the U.S. six families that have kids that are under 14 one family will use the app on a daily bases.

From the time ClassDojo was launched in August 2011 they have been loyal to their commitment not to charge schools or teachers. Now they have announced the plan that they will use to sustain the model. They will be offering a program that will be going for a monthly subscription that the parent can use at home. The app ClassDojo beyond School will have features with an aim that parents will get help in ways they can connect with their kids through reflection activities, exercises, and meditations. The other feature that the app will have is a feedback tool that will give awards when positive habits occur.

The primary goal of the company is that they will assist parents in making good use of the opportunities and turn them into learning experiences. The features will be somehow the same with what ClassDojo is offering the parents now. The most used app of the company is the behavior incentivization system. The app gives the teacher a platform that they can use to track a student’s behavior by giving or subtracting digital points. The same features will be in the Beyond schools. Where they will offer that equal opportunity to parents, and they will be able to provide the awarding points.

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