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Marks Sparks Has A Keen Eye For The Potentiality Of Success

Marc Sparks is a man about his business. He possesses a business acumen that has brought him great success in his personal entrepreneurial ventures and those of others. He has the ability to assess in rapid fashion whether an idea or product is more likely than not to be successful in the larger consumer market.

As a venture capitalist, he is willing to step off into the deep end and put his money where his mouth is for startups with high-growth potential in light of the rapidly changing trends of the supply and demand for the next great thing.

Venture capitalism is a niche of the financial market that provides a bridge to needed funds for various aspects of the business startup not obtainable through traditional means. It is not a loan but a private equity investment designed to help with growth expansion, commercialization efforts, improving the business infrastructural organization efficiency all in an effort to achieve a higher rate of return.

As a venture capitalist, Marc Sparks has helped a variety of entrepreneurs achieve success, and those whose businesses fail are much wiser and prepared for their next attempts at spreading their wings.

One would think the losses that he has endured and the associated high risks would dampen his desire to continue in this line of work, but he remains steadfast and determined. He has a heart for the struggling underdog who just cannot seem to get a leg up and needs a little help.

According to GoodReads, because of Marc Sparks’ business ventures, he has earned a unique description, ‘serial entrepreneur’. He has learned a lot over the past 34 years from his amazing successes and devastating failures. His experience with these high-risk endeavors has not only caused him to sharpen his skills but to understand and communicate how to take a good idea from point “A” to point “Z” through the minefield of the infrastructural organization, operational, and financial complexities and hurdles that can lead to success.

He authored a book entitled ‘They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success’ in which he shares his experience with failure, he says, “I feel like anyone reading my book will learn much more from my unsuccessful business ventures than they will learn from my successful ones.

Marc Sparks is the Chief Executive Officer of the private equity firm Timber Creek Capital, LP, in Dallas, Texas.