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Relating Fashion and Technology with Chris Burch

Recently, Chris Burch had a lot to say about the fashion and technology industries. His opinion, in this case, matters as he has invested heavily in the two. The ventures he has been involved with have also proven to be very successful. He says that these two industries have experienced a lot of changes in the previous years. He goes on to say that despite the changes, these two industries have continued to grow hand in hand. He says that for a person to understand the changes and the relationship between these two industries, it’s good to focus on the past, look into the future and also concentrate on the present. Burch even says that technology has become fashionable and at the same time fashion has proven to be technologically fashionable.

Chris Burch is well known for his involvement with the Burch Creative Capital. He has been in these industries for almost four decades and has a lot of experience that a young entrepreneur would want to listen to. Over the years, he has helped a lot of companies rise such as the Poppin, Voss Water as well as Jawbone and Faena Hotel + Universe. He has also sat on several boards in the past such as the Guggenheim Capital as well as The Continuum Group.

In the interview, Burch talked about the way designers have become creative to incorporate technology into fashion.  The gloves allow the firefighters to use hand gestures in the process. Chris Burch also talked about the way designers have used their wit to recycle materials and come up with fabulous fashions. He gives an example of the way recycled inner tubes have been used to come up with good jackets. Chris also talks about the way technology and fashion can be used to create energy that is environmentally friendly. For instance, there are clothes and shoes that can be used to generate energy as an individual walks.

Chris also talks about the way that fashion can be used to make technology relevant and become accepted by the society. He gives an example of the way a fashion designer used catwalks to popularize the Google glasses by making her models wear them in the catwalk.

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