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The Crime Behind the Lime

Not Just a Pretty Lady


Doe Deere is no ordinary sensation in the fashion and beauty industry: She is far more. Having worked in the glamour and cosmetics industry and also having been a personal fan and collector of beauty products throughout her life, this young female adventurer has done it all and lives to tell the tale. In fact, she is now recognized as an expert authority in all things color and cosmetics, and that fact alone is a great understatement. The Founder and President of Lime Crime Cosmetics, she both knows how to teach and how to be taught: This entrepreneur never considers herself to have fully grasped or learned it all as this in an industry that constantly changes, and today’s current trends and tips may no longer be in effect tomorrow.


Can you imagine the level of stress that a top performing executive leader, such as Mrs. Deere, must face daily in this constantly-fluctuating and never-entirely-stable industry? For that alone, we all must give people like Mrs. Deere some well-deserved credit, don’t you agree? Mrs. Deere works tirelessly to keep the business running smoothly as she does with her own hair styles; did I mention that she dyes her hair in a different color every time the public eye spots her, and it’s not just to don a new look but to show class, diversity and even independence? Indeed, this woman never lacks a new idea or concept, nor does she fail to attract the media’s attention, much less that of her millions of fans. Mrs. Deere has followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube and even on her own blog fan page –




In addition, Mrs. Deere offers an insightful email list in which her most devoted followers may likewise stay in tune with all that her brand and lifestyle have to offer. The one-of-a-kind insiders’ list includes blogs, vlogs, tips, tricks, media sightings and local events, discounts, site or product updates, special members-only offers and so much more. This special list is called Let’s Be BFF’S, an abbreviation for Let’s Be Best Friends Forever, and anyone may sign up and begin receiving email newsletters on the same day; the process is quick, and one may also unsubscribe with a single click. Sign up at; Mrs. Deere waits to add you to her list of Unicorns – faithful fans.