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How Rocketship Education is Different From other Public Schools

Not many parents are excited to take their students to Public schools because not many of these schools are interested in helping out kids. In fact, most graduates from these schools usually end up with a bad grade. But the problem is not the student but rather the educators.

Educators in such schools do not pay attention to their students’ academic and overall growth. However, this does not mean all public schools are the same. Some of the exceptional ones like Rocketship Education have proven to be part of the few public schools that help their students excel.

In fact, their mission is to work together to help low-income communities across the USA to receive quality education. Rocketship Education believes in helping students unleash their potential as well as get some good grades.

Why Students Are Motivated to Study at Rocketship Education

As said above, Rocketship Education is different from other public schools in the following ways.

First, Rocketship Education focuses on helping their students in building their character as well as help them achieve good grades. For example, they have a program where they give their students huge chunk of projects broken down. They are broken down to make it easier for their students to do these projects within a short period of time. It also removes the attitude of “this can’t be done.”

In addition, they do this to time their students in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Later, they use this data to help their students achieve more in the proceeding semester.

On the other hand, their students are taught the importance of setting realistic goals during the beginning of the semester. Their educators go through the goals they have set and help them wherever they can. For instance, an educator would come up with some effective strategies or tweak the existing ones hence helping their students achieve their goals.

Also, their educators put more emphasis on motivating their students by providing an environment that encourages students to work harder. Their creating of the innovative learning atmosphere has probably been one of the reasons that Rocketship Education continues to lead in the state of California.

So far, Rocketship Education has helped thousands of low-income earning families while continuing to perform better than most schools in California.