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The Impact of Securus Technologies in the Society

We all want a safe environment that is free from crimes. However, when one of our family members is convicted of crimes and have to serve a sentence, we are filled with grief. We do not get time to spend ample time with anymore. For the inmates, adjusting to the new conviction life is not easy.

Securus Technologies has helped in reducing the challenges that come with being in jail. The company acts as the bridge between the incarcerated individuals and their friends in the free world. Over the years, the company has received very positive reviews from their customers.

The Securus Technologies has come up with gadgets that help the inmates make both the audio and video calls. The users say that visitation is more valuable when the parties involved can see each other. The programs have advanced enabling friends and relatives book the visitation. As a result, they save the time that they spend queuing waiting to see the inmate.

Also, Securus Technologies has significantly helped in reducing the crimes in the jail facilities. They have installed devices in the inmates’ cells as well as the administration, hence monitoring all the activities that happen in the cells.

The inmates who have been serving long sentences say that this has reduced the massive killings that used to happen. They also say that the Securus gadgets have regulated the bullying in the cells from aggressive inmates.

The Sherriffs’ departments is also a primary beneficiary of the scheme. The company has provided them with an LBS Software, which has been of great help. Using the device; the sheriffs say that tracing the stolen valuables has been made easier and faster. They have also been able to ensure that the correctional facilities are free from drugs and other illegal commodities in the centers.


Securus Technologies – Even the Inmates Like It

I have always thought that it would be a wonderful thing to stop needless crimes. So much of the evil that exists in our world is evil that we humans do to other humans. Yes it is true, nature is out of our control. But we must admit, most of the bad acts done are done by each other. Securus Technologies understands this. They also want to stop needless crimes. That is why they have specialized in creating products within the crime prevention category.


I am happy to report that their main motive is not necessarily money, though that is not a bad thing to make, and they have an awful lot of it, but rather to decrease crime inside correctional facilities.


To decrease crime inside correctional facilities, Securus Technologies has implemented a system which seeks to control contraband cell phones inside the facility. They use contraband cell phones to investigate and monitor current crimes, as well as, potential crimes.


2400 correctional facilities in America and 2000 in Canada all report favourably to Securus Technologies. They have openly stated that their workforce, ranging from the guards to the police officers, feel, that for the first time, they have a grip on controlling the inmates. This allows those who are in danger to feel safe.


However, they are not the only ones who feel safe. Inmates have actually reported feeling safer in facilities that have Securus Technologies. The reason for this is because they know that the guards can catch a crime that one inmate may do to another inmate before it even happens.


I believe the Securus Technologies is very pleased to see this. They have begun investing a grand total of 600 million dollars in order to create new patents and technologies to keep inmates and guards even safer.


Securus Technologies and the Fight for Police Safety

In order for officers working inside the jail to be safe, we have to be working hard each day to control the environment in which we work. On any given day, we are outnumbered by the inmates, and that gives them a huge advantage if they were to try to come after us. Now you include things like weapons or drugs, and the stakes get that much higher as we are now in for a real fight for our lives.


To try and limit any types of contraband from getting into the hands of the inmates, the first thing we do is surprise cell inspections throughout the day. If we can locate anything illegal inside the cells, then it can not be used to harm officers. We even check the mail each day for any traces of drugs. The inmates have become quite resourceful when it comes to coating the paper with liquid drugs, so we really need to be paying close attention.


We used to expend a ton of manpower having to listen to the inmates when they were using the phones. Since Securus Technologies installed their monitoring system, the LBS software gives my team the chance to focus our efforts on other areas while the system scans all the calls and immediately alerts us if something is of concern.


Securus Technologies is headed by their CEO, Rick Smith, who says his employees are all committed to making the world safe. This system is already in two thousand jails, and has been quite effective at reducing such incidents. Now we will get an alert from the system if an inmate is talking about weapons or drugs. There have been numerous tips already this month where we were able to take away the contraband from the inmates before they could do anyone harm.


Securus Technology makes public its customer testimonials

Securus Technologies has been at the forefront in providing technology that facilitates communication and monitoring services in prison facilities. The company recently released its list of customer testimonials and reviews. The reviews were received by the company through letters and emails. According to different users, the kind of technology made available by the company has been highly instrumental in fighting crime. Not does the software just record people’s phone calls, but also helps identifying and tracking people’s voices.



According to a detective in the tactical field, the software has been highly useful as it has helped him convict multiple subjects in the past. He estimates that the records provided by the company helped him convict close to eight out of ten subjects, marking an 80% success rate with using the software. The detective went on to note that of the 100 subjects he has helped convict in the past four years, most of them were arraigned in court just because of the recording facilities provided by Securus. Through the aid of the software, the company has been highly successful with solving crime under the US Attorney’s office.


Securus has dedicated itself to providing the best services to its clients. The company has had multiple new patents and is helping fight crime every year.


According to multiple customer reviews and testimonials, people have stated that they have found the software made available by Securus to be highly useful in innovation and being at the forefront in fighting crime. Securus Technologies is headquartered in Texas. It is a long established company and has served more than 3,450 correction facilities across the United States.

Securus Releases a Digital Inmate Forms and Grievances Software.

Securus Technologies is one of the United States’ leading providers of technology for the criminal and civil industry. Its services are crucial to the sector as they assist in investigations, the safety of the public, inmate self-service, surveillance, biometric examination, inspection of goods and services, management of incidents, and corrections. The main offices of the company are located in Dallas, Texas, and its services are used by about 1.2 million inmates who are based in the northern part of America. All solutions that the firm offers are aimed at creating safety.

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The company recently announced its Inmates Forms and Grievance application, which they launched on ConnectUs, and they aim at helping clients to save time and money. According to the company’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Mr. Russell Roberts, the company is dedicated to being consistent at offering the latest technology to its clients. Paper forms are used by inmates in most prisons in filing applications such as medical, grievances, signing up and many others. Officers spend a lot of time at the correctional facilities in supplying, picking, transferring, responding and keeping the paper forms.

The new application from Securus enables the staff to create and distribute personalized forms for various requests. The forms can also be easily changed since it does not involve printing. The Inmate Forms and Grievance software transforms the hectic paper processes into a digital procedure. The automated system has been averagely processing about 13.8 forms each month, and this has helped the staff in saving time and devoting themselves to safety and security. ConnectUs is beneficial to the inmates since they can see the progress of their applications online.