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Introduction to Thor Halvorssen, the Paramount Freedom Fighter Activist

Thor Halvorssen is a human right advocate and a filmmaker. He has made great contributions in various sectors including the public interest activism and peoples’ right sectors. Moreover, he has influenced civil freedom and democracy advocate in Venezuela. He is the founder and the CEO of the Human Rights Foundation, a union that is committed to promoting human rights and liberty.

Thor Halvorssen started his advocacy activities in 1989 while he was in London. His mother’s death in a political protest drew him in launching the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). The organization is focused on promoting peace, democracy and liberating political detainees in Latin America.

HRF has been able to secure the discharge of seven captives as well as providing briefs to the global human rights cases. Also, the foundation has pooled their footprints to publish books. The books contain information about the responsibility of the state and peoples’ rights. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Furthermore, he is the patron of the Centipede Movement, a children’s peace movement. It facilitates mutual relations among adults and children in Poland.

His Activities in Film Production

He is the actor and producers of the Hammer and Tickle and the Singing Revolution films. The films are about the influence of ridicule and humor as a dialectal of reality to navigate the division between facts and propaganda. Further, the film is meant to encourage people to echo their voices whenever they are denied their rights. Apart from this, he has produced other films including the Sugar Babies, Freedom’s Fury and the Indoctrinate U documentary.

According to BizJournals, Thor Halvorssen received the Sol Feinstone Award from the University of Pennsylvania. The president of the University, Judith Rodin honored him for his great achievement in defending students’ speech. In addition to this, he received a silver medal from the Emil Constantinescu in 2010.

This was to celebrate the 1989 Romanian Revolution’s tenth anniversary. Emil awarded him on behalf of other freedom fighters to increase democratic activities in the world.

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