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Long, Arduous, but Worth-While Journey

No one loves the wild more than Mark Hutchinson. After spending most of his life in Australia, Hutchinson traveled throughout Africa and spread his love of adventure. Hutchinson created a company called UNTAMED which focused on having a nice and adventurous experience with nature. Eventually UNTAMED changed into a new company called Avana which focused on training business and ecotourism. Some of the earliest memories of MArk Hutchinson consisted of the Outback, open space, and long gleaming tracks.

Hutchinson was in love with the idea of driving through dirt roads and driving through areas that exposed nature. He received his Bachelor of Economics from the University in Sydney and after he received it, Hutchinson was in route to start his own training company. Mark Hutchinson met his business partner, Anton Lategan, in 2005 after he had completed an eco-training course in South Africa. Anton Lategan and Hutchinson had the goal to help others around the world, conserve nature, and help people reconnect with nature in a very personal level. Learn more:

Mark Hutchinson believes that many of us have lost our connection with nature because we are completely behind technology nowadays. He states that humans don’t care too plant trees in their backyard, go for a walk in the park, or even connecting with the water. The way that Hutchinson connects with nature is that he raises his family in the wild area most of the time and he combines it with a little bit of the urban area lifestyle. Learn more:

WildArk came to Mark HUtchinson because of his immense love for adventure and the wild. He wanted to help out nature and the eco-system any way that he could. His wife was someone that helped him gather up the business ideas for WildArk. Mark Hutchinson’s goal was to make earth a better place for his children and the many generations to come. Learn more: