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Soros: An Embodiment of Determination

Popularly recognized Hungarian-American business magnate, who has a keen interest in investment, philanthropy, political activism and writing, George Soros is widely known for breaking the British pound owing to his quick sale of a large amount in pound sterling which was worth US $10 billion, thus earning a profit of $1 billion during a currency crisis. This is one of the main incidents in Soros’ life, where even though the chances of success were slim and a great deal of risk was involved, George Soros took a leap of faith and succeeded. Apart from being one of the most influential people in the world, Soros is among the thirty richest people of the world, with his wealth being put to good use.

Initiating his career in 1954 at the London-based bank, Singer & Friedlander, working as a clerk, he quickly moved on to the arbitrage department on Politico. The list of famous names that he has worked with is long and includes companies like F.M. Mayer, with a specific focus on European stocks, Wertheim and Co, analyzing European Securities till 1963, and Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, where he was designated as Vice President.

With a strong determination to work for the betterment of humanity, George Soros proved his commitment when he donated $500 million to the migrant and refugee businesses for the sole purposes of sustaining and creating adequate physical and social infrastructure for displaced persons. His crucial role in managing the refugee crisis was the epitome of his philanthropic work on Biography. Although his main motive was to manage the refugees and their startup businesses in Europe, he plans on embarking on a mission to help refugees and host communities worldwide. Furthermore, he has expressed his desire to work with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for the Refugees and the International Rescue Committee, which will help him garner benefits for the public, by using innovative processes that only the private sector can provide, which serves as inspiration to other investors to follow his footsteps that lead to positivity.

Additionally, George Soros is a well-known proponent of American progressive and liberal political causes. Soros spent huge sums of investment to campaign for the advancement of progressive movements in a way that can reshape the American justice system. More than $3 million went into local district attorney campaigns, with the main goals being, firstly, a reduction of discrepancies, and secondly, to provide a platform for African-American or Hispanic candidates. Other than that, these campaigns were also aimed towards the elimination of racial differences and bringing drug offenders to justice. George Soros has also financed district attorneys by investing large funds into campaigns held in the states of Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Illinois, Mississippi, and New Mexico via various platforms like state-level super PACs. The Florida Safety and Justice Group only utilized the $1.4 million that came from Soros. He strongly believes in the notion that criminals charged with same crimes are to receive the same treatments, without the influence of racial differences.

Currently, Soros heads the Open Society Foundation as chairman, whereby he is tasked with the responsibility of supporting various groups of civil society from across the world by financing them, with the core purposes of establishing justice, advancing education, improving public health, and the independence of media, which further enables him to utilize his untapped potential of bringing betterment to the society.