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Years of Testing at your Fingertips with Sentient AI

The digital age is more alive today than when the hills were alive with the sound of music. It hasn’t always been easy travel on the road of progress. Both CRO professionals and Performance Marketers have faced many challenges and setbacks in lieu of a fast paced industry that leaves little time to explore all that it has to offer. It takes testing and a lot of it to understand the depths in order to rise to the top.

Two problems testers run into are multiple situations compiled which leave little time for testing and due to the impact of these same situations effects too low of traffic to sites to get a good handle on the issues faced. All of the focus is put towards streamlining sites and building up traffic which equals little to no time for adequate testing for enhancement purposes and growth.

There are many questions which came to mind and the answers to those questions which fostered many ideas, ideas which had the power of catapulting the industry from a vision into a reality. Ideas that were never put into play because they weren’t followed up on and as a result have become fragments of churned thoughts which once were “ideas,” but ended up as thoughts in passing.

Technology is the saving grace for most industries. When it comes to technology Sentient AI is at the helm of the ship in creating tools to fix problems and stop the brewing storms by calming the turbulent seas. A prime example is the Multi-Variate AI Tech Tool for testing. This tool which is called ‘Sentient Ascend’ has the capacity to take years of ideas and to purge them in bringing out the best of what they represent as a whole, and simultaneously discarding those parts which are irrelevant.

The beauty of this technology is that the Multi-Variate Tech Tool functionality of Sentient Ascend takes these ideas and much like a brainstorming source peels the onion in formulating a plan which will resolve the prior barriers of (not enough time for testing) by simplifying the process and effecting plan creation as well as (low traffic caused by the lack of effective interest) by creating increased interest which has revolutionized sites in driving traffic. This tool is a site enhancement, much like fertilizer. Now all that is left to do is to sit back and watch the traffic grow. Learn more about Sentient at