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An Overview of The Highland Capital Management Firm

The alternative asset investment industry continues to experience rapid growth as more groups and individuals venture into the business. Private investors are developing ways in which they can fund and sustain other businesses while gaining constant returns from their investments. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

Such groups include the Highland capital management group that was founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero in 1993. The firm is an alternative asset investment group that operates and manage hedge funds, vehicle and mutual funds, and structured investment among other forms of investments. The success of the firm in managing other institutions assets is acquired through investing in global public equities, high yield bonds, structured products, as well as other fixed incomes assets with the aim of gaining the trust of their clients as well as ensuring they get their returns on time. In its 26 years in operation, Highland Capital has gained experience in choosing the appropriate investments for their clients, making it one of the best capital management group in the United States and the world at large.


With James Dondero as the President of the firm has Mark Okada as the CIO, the firm is reported to have over 13 billion dollars in assets under its management by 2017. The capital management firm has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, with branches operating in New York City, Singapore, Seoul, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires. The firm has quite a large market which requires a devoted and hard working team of professionals to deliver on it promises to their clients. Currently, the firm has over 100 employees under its umbrella who are qualified to work with investors. The multi-billion dollars alternative investment firm acquired Nexbank in 2004 and has made similar acquisitions in its years of operation as one of the methods of maintaining and ensuring the growth of its assets. Read more about James Dondero at

Nick Vertucci: Important Lessons from the Real Estate Veteran

It is common knowledge that there are a large number of individuals who keeps earning income while others are experiencing extreme losses. Some investors are able to remain relevant in a period when upcoming or young investors record sky-rocketing losses. Nick Vertucci, the man behind the book, Seven Figure Decisions, is one of those investors who always keep on getting a significant proportion of income despite the market trends indicating that other investors in different industries are losing their investments.

After a close analysis of Nick Vertucci and his economic activities, there is one clear aspect that many people don’t realize. He is an exceptional real estate investor who has been able to achieve a significant amount of resources through his real estate business. He has been able to read and interpret the market in such a way that only other few people can be able to analyze the market and come up with such clear conclusions. He has always been able to invest when it matters and withdraw from the industry when other individuals are experiencing losses.

It is also clear that Nick Vertucci has several streams of income as compared to other real estate investors who have a single stream of income; from the real estate properties. Besides getting significant amount of resources and returns from real estate properties, Nick receives a large amount from his own radio show in one of the local radios in the country. The show mostly focuses on providing real estate skills and investment knowledge to those people are interested.

The other source of income is his real estate academy, which is a school that offers theoretical and practical lessons about how an individual can become a real estate investor. The real estate academy can be found in different parts of the country, which makes it accessible to a large number of individuals. The institution has a significant number of students, which means that it provides sufficient income to the real estate investor.

It is clear that Nick Vertucci has several sources of income, including selling of real estate motivation books. This means that he is able to remain relevant at any time even when the real estate industry is experiencing extreme losses. Other investments continue to generate income, which keeps him operational. This is a diversification strategy that other real estate investors can incorporate with the aim of minimizing losses while at the same time increasing their sources of income