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Ara Chackerian graduated from Florida State with a degree in Marketing. After finishing his studies, Ara Chackerian made his business ventures by starting up many companies that promote health care services, in San Francisco. He has a great passion in philanthropic work hence has being able to promote the welfare of so many people in his community for a good cause. He has being able to boost the health sector by integrating technological innovations that would be able to improve the health care services.

He is also involved in most youth development and projects and has an exciting interest in the environmental welfare in Nicaragua. The agricultural ventures in Nicaragua, Limonapa Teak, has provided job opportunities for the locals in that area thanks to Mr. Ara Chackerian. Together with his business partner, Richard Bermuda, they founded their long term health care system that would be able to diagonise out-patients in their radiology center. In the center, they feature a transcranial magnetic stimulation device for diagnosing depression and treatment. The TMS health solution team has strong faith in the device and its potential in creating a big change in the mental health care sector, when its awareness becomes profound.

Even with the enormous success of this business venture, Ara Chackerian together with his partner faced a lot of challenges during the startup period. They had to attend development meetings that benefit developments and during one of those they were able to understand the formations and the hindrances to the access. Other challenges include being able to hire technicians and retaining them; and also they understood clearly the limitations the patients had when they possessed limited insurance coverage. Being the managing director of the ASC Capital Holdings; that mainly invest in healthcare services; Ara Chackerian has being able to expose the way many jobs could alter the mental health of their employees to the worst. This has helped many company executives balance the pressure they put on their employees.

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