Arthur Becker’s Keys to Success as an Entrepreneur

Arthur Becker is one of the most prominent investors working within New York City right now. Becker is the CEO as well as chairman of Zinio and the Managing Partner over at Madison Partners, LLC. For almost two decades we have seen Arthur Becker rise up in the business world as an intelligent investor who was willing and able to spread his risk around and try out different industries. Becker’s work is taking on renewed importance in a booming NYC economy. Today we are going to look at just what makes Becker tick as an entrepreneur.

According to NY Daily News, for years Arthur Becker seemed content to sit within the tech industry. Becker went from a stockbroker to a tech investor in 2003 when he became the CEO of NaviSite. For the next almost-decade, Becker established himself as a tech investor who was capable of reading market trends. It wouldn’t be too long before Becker transitioned out of the tech industry in order to focus on the real estate business. Becker says that a big part of his inspiration for shifting to real estate was the business of his ex-wife: Vera Wang Fashion Company. Becker says of the company, “I learned a great deal about design and fashion.”

Now Becker seems to be grabbing headlines as a real estate investor just as much as anything else. Becker says, “I essentially make money by investing in unique properties which I renovate and fix up to either lease or sell.” Becker goes on to say that he had been lucky enough to find profits nearly immediately working within the industry. Becker calls his early returns as a tech investor “rewarding in many ways” but he admits that he may have rushed things too much in order to develop himself.

The key to Becker’s rise in the business world has been pretty simple. Becker admits that the key to his success is simple: preparation. Becker says, “If anyone wants to follow in my footsteps, I would say that knowing all the verticals in business” is the key to making it happening. Becker hasn’t found any self-doubt as of yet, and we don’t see it coming any time soon. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

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