Anthony Petrello Board Memberships and Charity Giving

Tony Petrello is easily recognized as the CEO, President and Chairman of Board of Nabors Industries ltd. According to an overview published on, the company runs the largest fleet of drilling rigs in the US. The privately held company operates large fields in Louisiana, Gulf Coast Texas and Alaska. Petrello was appointed as the board member of the company in 1991. He was later named Nabors Industries President and Chief Executive Officer in October 2011. Petrello holds a Juris Doctor Degree from Harvard Law School and Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from the prestigious Yale University. Anthony Petrello also holds board memberships on in other companies and organizations including; MediaOnDemand Inc, Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston Museum of Fine Arts and Stewart & Stevenson LLC.

The other entities include Hillcorp Energy Company and UAMS Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy. Tony Petrello is also a member of National Petroleum Council and Council on Foreign Relations. The Houston, Texas based Stewart & Stewart is a leading manufacturer and distributor of oil and gas, mining, power generating and construction products and services. Texas Children’s Hospital is one of the largest and best run children’s hospital’s in the US. The hospital performs specialty treatments covering learning disabilities, birth defects, mental conditions, cardiovascular diseases, pediatric research, developmental problems and various blood disorders. The Hillcorp Energy Company at, on the other hand, is one of the largest natural gas and oil exploration companies in the US. The firm was established in 1989.

The charity organization, Periwinkle Foundation, where Petrello also serves as a board member is at the forefront of developing programs designed on to transform the lives of adults and children suffering from cancer and other life threatening ailments. Outside his engagements in the oil industry, from 1986 to 1991 Petrello served as a specialist in taxation, corporate law and arbitration at the New York offices of Baker & Mckenzie law firm on Lloyd Grove is a long time friend, freshman year college roommate and great admirer of Anthony Petrello.

In an excerpt published on the Daily Beast, Grove fondly describes Petrello as a mathematics whiz who has gone on to become one of the highest paid CEO’s in the US. In the rankings published in 2014, Petrello topped the list of highest paid CEO’s with compensation amounting to $68 million. He reveals that Petrello married soap-opera actress and college girlfriend, Cynthia Carrafa. The couple are well-known in philanthropic circles for their generous donations to various charities and causes. They have so far offered $7 million to aid research at Texas Children’s Hospital’s, neurological research center. The couple began supporting the hospital’s research initiatives after their daughter Carena was born with cerebral palsy. Glove concludes that Tony is both smart and lucky.

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  1. Dayana Gary June 28, 2017

    Since its establishment in 1983, the foundation has assisted many children suffering from cancer, thanks to a treatment success rate of 80%. The Houston based foundation has a close running relationship with the Texas Children’s Hospital. This may not be so easy for and that alone would make them understanf the need of the foundation the first place.

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