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Gustavo Martinez Has Been Working Hard For Decades

Gustavo Martinez has been involved in the marketing industry for three and a half decades. He has worked on some big advertisements and with some of the largest marketing and advertising companies in the world, and he even served as the CEO of one of the largest marketing companies.

He was involved with creating some of the most iconic ads that have ever been put out. And, part of the reason why he has been so successful in his career is because of his ambition. He even calls himself a workaholic, as some days he will work for as many as 12 hours. He gets up early, spends a bit of time with his family, and then starts his workday at 9 in the morning and doesn’t get off until well after 5. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

Gustavo Martinez believes that it is important for him as a leader to make sure that those he is working with are inspired and motivated to get things done.

He tries to make a good environment for them to work in and is always being creative in the things that he does for them. And he believes that it is important to find the right people to work on each project that he takes on, and he is careful about who he chooses for each project and makes sure they will get things done well.

Gustavo Martinez says that there are a few things that help him as an entrepreneur and that one of his habits that helps him is to let others know their worth. He always tries to make them feel important, and he is always listening to what others have to say.

He also tries to be patient with those who he is working with. And, he is always open to working with people with various talents because he knows that with their help, he will be able to accomplish a lot. Gustavo Martinez believes it is important to be generous, and he also believes that it is important to have the best of everything when running a company, no matter what it takes to get it.

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Encounter with Heather Parry

Living Nation Productions is a film and TV based entertainment company launched in 2016 and whose role is streaming live shows, live performances and creating digital contents revolving around artists. Heather Parry, the president of the company is passionate about documenting film projects with her recent projects being Eagles of Death Metaldocumentary “Nos Amis”, Lady Gaga documentary of “Five Foot Two”, Sean Combs documentary Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story, and upcoming documentaries on “Imagine Dragons” and “Noah Cyrus” as well as a film producer role on a comedy called “The After Party” starred by French Montana and Wiz Khalifa and the remake of popular film directed by Bradley Cooper and starred by Lady Gaga “A Star is Born”.

Heather Parry

Heather Parry shared on how it happened she was involved with the remake of A Star is Born. Having known Bradley Cooper and his role as the director of the film made her determined on the involvement of Living Nation in the project. She requested its involvement in media marketing which pertains arranging venues, concert tours and festivals which eventually was agreed upon.

A lot of praise has been said about Heather Parry on her commendable job from different clients having work with. Sean Combs describes Parry as a self-driven brilliant person who is passionate about pursuing big things and enhanced creativity in her work.

In an interview, Heather Parry responded to have ventured in the film and TV market since there was no place that offered high quality music based contents that artists would be interested in.

The latest documentary done by Living Nations Productions as of 2016 is Believers at the Sundance Film Festival which was voted as the winning runner-up for the festival favorite award out of the 123 films screened.

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Unlimited Financial Services Offered in Dallas, Texas

NexBank is a financial company based in Dallas, Texas. The financial company has main categories of banking services through which it serves its customers. This includes; institutional services, commercial banking and mortgage banking. NexBank not only serves individuals but also corporations and institutional clients. NexBank balances the flow of cash in Dallas and Texas in general as it offers nationwide services. NexBank is a stable financial company in that its clients are in a position to benefit from subordinated debts which have a lower credit rating.

Corporations and investors are among the beneficiaries of the subordinated loans offered by NexBank at low fixed interest rate of 6.375%. NexBank`s clients are also able to benefit from non-callable bonds hence the bank cannot redeem before the bond matures. This gives investors an opportunity to be involved in long-term investment projects. The fact that NexBank raised its debt offers up to $283 million gives more corporations and investors better chances of enjoying unlimited financial benefits.

NexBank is known to be among the 10 largest banks in Texas State and rated among the 200 largest banks in the world. The financial company has been serving clients for the last fifty four years making it trustable. Clients are satisfied by the financial services they acquire from NexBank which is clearly indicated by good online reviews. Clients are attended to very quickly and efficiently as the bank have been able to embrace the latest development in information technology. Clients can also seek online banking services via NexBank. Regardless of the NexBank having a wide range of clients, individuals are able to acquire customized banking services which gives them assurance of the security of their transactions. NexBank has the best record keeping systems which enables clients to obtain statements easily if need be.

NexBank Capital has well established programs that basically involve giving back to the community through economic development programs. The management of the bank and its employees prioritize team work which enables them to offer excellent financial services to all their clients. NexBANK appreciates partnership with institutions in order to fulfill their banking requirements. NexBank also offers consultancy services which enable their clients to be in a better position to manage their finances and benefit optimally from the financial company. NexBank is an all rounded financial company with full capacity to satisfy every clients banking needs and has a positive impact on the economy on the state of Texas. To know more about Nexbank visit

Matthew Fleeger the oil exploration tycoon

Matthew Fleeger is regarded as the American oil exploration tycoon. He is the current CEO of Gulf coast western. He is listed in Who’s Who business professionals internationally.

Matthew Fleeger is revered for his exceptional management skills. He is very competent in planning, teamwork, entrepreneurial and contracts negotiation abilities. These skills have seen him upgrade the companies he has worked with, and he was promoted to higher levels.

Before coming to Gulf Coast Western, he was working as the CEO of Medsolutions. This is the company he founded and was dealing with transportation, divestment, and treatment of waste from medical facilities and companies. He led this company as the CEO and president for 13 years.

Sale of Media solutions

Media solutions thrived in its endeavor and Fleeger was approached to sell it. He, therefore, sold media solutions to Stericycle at $59 million. He remained jobless and went back to his father’s company in 2007.

Gulf coast western

Matthew Fleeger’s father founded this company in 1970 and based it in Dallas. It opened operations in Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

The company has partnered with others for success, and it has two partners in southern Louisiana. It took over all the operations of Orbit Energy partners in Louisiana. It has also acquired orbit gulf coast. These two companies have helped gulf coast western to expand their services and hence increased returns.

Gulf coast western has endeavored to explore and extract oil in the entire region of the United States of America. It has offices in most parts of the area, especially along the coast. Examples are Oklahoma, Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana.

Matthew Fleeger and gulf coast western

After selling a media solution to Stericycle, he came back to his father’s company. He was voted the best candidate to take over the company as its CEO. He was the right person moving to his education at souther Methodist University. He also led the other companies to excel in their operations, so he was regarded as a precious asset.

Matthew Fleeger has led the company to explore new fields. It has opened other operation areas, and he has increased the number of expertise onboard. Gulf coast western has grown to become one of the biggest oil exploration companies in the region.