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Neurocore, Redefining the Future of Mental Health

A quick scan though Neurocore Twitter feed gives an impression of a futurist approach to mental health. With over 4000 tweets, the company is responsive to both potential clients interested in their services as well as updates. Due to their futuristic approach to one of the highest misunderstood medical niches, Neurocore has been a common feature in some of the most authoritative news outlets in the USA and around the world. Some of the common news outlets that have exclusively covered the entity include New York Times, Business Insider, and Washington Post. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


What makes Neurocore exceptionally unique? It is their approach to mental wellness. Their founding principle, tapping brainpower has been termed as the future of mental wellness. Through scientific background and treatments without drugs, the success rates of this medication options are remarkable. The main aim of this entity’s approach to brain wellness is to use a self-sustaining approach and greatly minimize any chance of aftereffects.


Which specific conditions does Neurocore specialize in treating? Mental health is diverse and probably one of the most complex human conditions. As an entity, Neurocore specializes in more than eight specific areas of mental health. Some of these areas include stress, sleep, memory, migraines, ASD, depression, ADHD and anxiety. In each of the following areas, there is an unmatched level of professionalism by different highly trained personnel. Read more about Neurocore at


How does the Neurocore approach mental health owing to the fact that mental health is complex? The treatment of this entity is a three steps process. One of the most important treatment process by Neurocore is an assessment. There are numerous ways to assess a patient but the entity uses three major and most effective assessment procedures. Heart and breathing rates together with a comprehensive qEEG technology help in assessing the mental situation of the patient.


After assessing the patient, Neurocore customizes the treatment procedure depending on the findings of the assessment. Unlike most treatment procedures, Neurocore gives each mental health situation a customized approach for maximum results. Dubbed as “Customized Program” the company respects the reality that each person is different. After the treatment, Neurocore assesses whether there is an improvement. The assessment is objective and if there is no improvement, the whole process starts again.