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A Presidential Pardon that Humiliated the Oppressed

Recent months saw a Presidential pardon that was laughing at the American civil society and the oppressed. It is none other than the infamous pardoning for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. While there are thousands of victims are who crying for the justice, the former Maricopa County Sheriff escaped from the law with the grace of President Donald Trump.

The civil society and the people who faced his torture came out to the streets to show their protest against the Presidential pardon. People were speaking in front of the media about the misdeeds and cruelties they faced by Arpaio. Among them, two prominent journalists’ names were highly noted: Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

They were arrested by the security officers of Arpaio in 2007 in an attempt repress their writings that were exposing the scandals, tortures, and corruptions associated with Arpaio and his office. Once after he heard about the Presidential pardon, Lacey condemned the act of the President. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

He said that President Trump is a real idiot as Rex Tillerson said once, and the recent incident of Presidential pardon proved it. According to Lacey, Arpaio was campaigning for racism and torture, and the Presidential pardon was written on the mutilated bodies and countless corpses of innocents who paid their life inside the prisons of Arpaio.

Lacey confirmed that all the six terms, from 1992 to 2016, Arpaio held the office, he was known for making brutal and inhuman jail conditions. Arpaio even constructed a tent city prison in the Arizonan deserts to lock the migrants and detainees.

The condition of the prison was horrible as the detainees had limited facilities and had to face extreme torture. Apart from that, they also had to cope up with intense climatic conditions. Quite sadly, Arpaio said in a TV interview that the tent city prison was his concentration camp – a perfect example of what was his approach towards detainees.

Numerous inmate suicide incidents, beating death issues, corruption on jail funds, and more reported during his years of rule. Also, there were numerous sexual exploitation cases with many of the incidents were targeting children. While he escaped from most of those cases, the racial profiling towards Latinos finally wrote his destiny.

However, the Presidential pardon saved him at the end. Lacey thinks that Arpaio would have got the benefit of his age, in case if there were no Presidential pardon. He thinks that it would have been the biggest failure of the Justice system of the country. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

While coming to the incidents related to the arrests of Lacey and Larkin, both of them were a nuisance for the sheriff as they were exposing him. In 2007, they were arrested and put behind bars from their homes. However, the incident went beyond the hands of Arpaio as people across the United States protested against the arrest as it was a clear breach of the First Amendment rights of the journalists.

The sheriff had to release them immediately after the arrest. The continued legal battle gave a verdict in favor of the journalist in 2013 with a compensation amount to them worth $3.75 million which was charging from the county.

How Rocketship Education is Different From other Public Schools

Not many parents are excited to take their students to Public schools because not many of these schools are interested in helping out kids. In fact, most graduates from these schools usually end up with a bad grade. But the problem is not the student but rather the educators.

Educators in such schools do not pay attention to their students’ academic and overall growth. However, this does not mean all public schools are the same. Some of the exceptional ones like Rocketship Education have proven to be part of the few public schools that help their students excel.

In fact, their mission is to work together to help low-income communities across the USA to receive quality education. Rocketship Education believes in helping students unleash their potential as well as get some good grades.

Why Students Are Motivated to Study at Rocketship Education

As said above, Rocketship Education is different from other public schools in the following ways.

First, Rocketship Education focuses on helping their students in building their character as well as help them achieve good grades. For example, they have a program where they give their students huge chunk of projects broken down. They are broken down to make it easier for their students to do these projects within a short period of time. It also removes the attitude of “this can’t be done.”

In addition, they do this to time their students in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Later, they use this data to help their students achieve more in the proceeding semester.

On the other hand, their students are taught the importance of setting realistic goals during the beginning of the semester. Their educators go through the goals they have set and help them wherever they can. For instance, an educator would come up with some effective strategies or tweak the existing ones hence helping their students achieve their goals.

Also, their educators put more emphasis on motivating their students by providing an environment that encourages students to work harder. Their creating of the innovative learning atmosphere has probably been one of the reasons that Rocketship Education continues to lead in the state of California.

So far, Rocketship Education has helped thousands of low-income earning families while continuing to perform better than most schools in California.

Brazil Growth and Starting a Company

The economy of Brazil is expanding. Many people in Brazil are excited about all of the opportunities to start a company. Starting a company is harder than many people realize. Some people want to start a business to increase their income. Other people want to control how they spend their time each day.

Jose Hawilla is an entrepreneur who has had success as a business owner. When he started his first business, he made numerous mistakes. Jose Hawilla spends a lot of time mentoring young business owners. Mentoring other business owners is a proven way to help the economy. Check out his page.

Opportunities in Brazil

The economy of Brazil was based on agriculture for many years. Few people ever thought about starting a business in another industry. Farming can be a lucrative industry. However, agriculture is reliant on specific weather conditions throughout the growing season. One bad year of weather can cause a farmer to go bankrupt.

Jose Hawilla lived in an area where farming was common. Jose started a small farm at a young age, and he borrowed money to purchase additional land. One year the weather was terrible for growing crops. He owed a ton of money, and he had to sell his property to pay his debts. He quickly learned that borrowing too much money can be dangerous for new business owners. You can follow their Twitter page.


The banking industry in Brazil is not friendly to small business owners. Although it is possible to get a business loan, the loan options have high rates of interest. Jose Hawilla decided to start a small business lending program for people who live in his area. This lending program has been a massive success. Thousands of people utilize the lending program each year. Most of the loans are for nominal amounts, but the capital can make a huge difference for new business owners.

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Octavio De Lazari Takes Over Luiz Carlos Trabuco As Bradesco President

In the previous weeks, Bradesco was reported to have scheduled a shareholders meeting next month. But before this meeting takes place, there are many important things that are going to happen. First, the long-standing Chairman of the bank. Lazaro Brandao, 91, is going to vacate his post. Then another top executive must be appointed to take his place, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who is concurrently the Bank’s President. And third and the most intricate of all is: the bank has to choose another top executive to assume the post of Bank President. So, with all these things happening before March, what’s next for Bradesco?

Apparently, there is already an update on the happenings at Bradesco. The second largest bank in Brazil in terms of assets, has already announced its new CEO. His name was picked from a list of seven candidates who were all handling top executive posts in the bank. The lucky candidate who will assume the post that is vacated by Trabuco is Octavio De Lazari, 54. Lazari will assume his new post as Bradesco President on March 12. He is the second youngest executive in the Bank who was considered for the presidency. His former position is head of the Lender Insurance Unit.

Read more: Conselho do Bradesco escolhe Octavio de Lazari Junior para substituir Trabuco como presidente

In an official announcement, Bradesco stated that the appointment of Lazari is made through the bank’s formal mode of succession and nomination. Bradesco’s statement added that his appointment was endorsed by the bank’s Succession and Appointment Committee according to Lazari’s personal merits were considered among his peers and will merit every distinction, maintaining the process of renewal and continuity, the bank’s statement added. Furthermore, the statement indicated that this process will make sure that the leading position of Bradesco in the national and international financial circles will be sustained according to

Meanwhile, in a press interview, Trabuco, the incoming Bradesco Chairman, said that the process of choosing his successor was calendared and will be completed next month. He added that the bank has a timetable prior to its meeting to choose the board members of the council. Previously, Trabuco confirmed in an interview that the deadline for this process was on Feb. 10, 2018.

There were seven top Bradesco top executives who were shortlisted for the presidency. Lazari was able to win over the other six candidates. Among the men listed as candidates are Marcelo Noronha, the head of cards and investment bank, Josué Pancini, the one in charge of the bank’s agency network, Alexandre Glüher, the chief of Investor Relations department and Maurício Minas, the man in charge of Bradesco’s ​​technology. Apparently, Lazari will take over the position of president when Trabuco vacates his president’s seat next month.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the current Chairman of Bradesco has been serving the bank for the past 15 years before he assumed the post of Marketing Director. Then in 1992, he was appointed as the bank’s CEO. Trabuco has served in this capacity until now, when Lazari was appointed as his successor. Bradesco recently changed its bylaws regarding the maximum age of its CEO from 65 to 67 years old. This change enabled Trabuco to stay longer as president, before his successor was appointed.

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