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Squaw Valley Drinking Water Conditions Vastly Improved


After a recent report on the contamination of water in Squaw Valley, the director of Placer County Environmental Health has reported that conditions have greatly improved.


In October of 2016 ski resorts in Squaw Valley around High Camp and Gold Coast Funitel had reported contamination in the local drinking water. Placer County Environmental Health had found coliform and E. coli in the water following an unusually high rainfall. The resort had just finished reconstructing its water supply system and had been certified to go back into service when higher than average precipitation washed contaminates into the system. Afterwards, the resort contacted environmental health and public service offices to make sure that systems were still safe to use.


Squaw Valley Public Service District General Manager Mike Geary says that “Given that Squaw Valley Resort recently completed construction of their updated water supply and distribution systems and subsequently received significantly above average rainfall, these results are not surprising”, and Squaw Valley has been working with Placer County Environmental Health in order to improve water conditions. All other water systems were uncontaminated, and the resort restricted access to the contaminated water to prevent guests from getting sick.


In the meantime, the resort has been supplying guests with bottled water and packaged food so they could continue to enjoy the resort facilities in spite of the water concerns.


By December 2016 the director of Placer County Environmental Health Wesley Nicks reported that the drinking water conditions have vastly improved. Thee of the four wells that serve the upper mountain reported no E. Coli and very low levels of coliform due to joint efforts of Squaw Valley and Placer County Environmental Health. While conditions are improving, Squaw Valley is dedicated to keeping its guests safe and will not open access to the drinking water until levels have completely returned to normal. No health issues have been reported, and the skiing facilities at the report have remained open.

Fabletics Secret to Success

Fabletics a fashion company has found a way that it can compete with already existed competitors like Amazon; Amazon controls twenty percent of e-commerce fashion market and Fabletics have been able to go head to head with it. Changes in the economy have made people have a different view; unlike when price and quality mattered most, clients want exclusive design, great customer experience, brand recognition and the likes.

Currently, Fabletics has sixteen stores across California, Hawaii Florida and Illinois and they are planning to open many more; this is proof that the strategies they are using are paying off. The General Manager of Fabletics Gregg Throgmartin says that knowing what customers want and offering them at a half price competitors offer them is what is making them successful. The clients sign up for membership in Fabletics and this makes it easy for the company to know its clients personally.

Local online data is used by Fabletics to stock their local shops; membership preference, store data, social media comments are what they use to know what the customers of a particular area want hence stock. They create their fashion according to the current fashion trend and clients preferences according to SVP Operations Dustin Netral. Fabletics show their products both physically at their shop and online.

Fabletics expansion to local areas is helping them become more successful because they are getting more customers. They are moving closer to people and bringing clients preferences hence getting in touch with their cultures. They balance consumer education, experience, and lifestyle and has made them have thirty-five percent growth rate yearly. Shawn Gold, Corporate Marketing Officer of TechStyle Fashion Group, said that quality product, at a reasonable price, creative team and great media is what promotes growth.

Building relationship is an important aspect of Fabletics success and has turned browsing into an exciting activity. The membership platform has gained popularity and a good number of customers sign up before going to the store and more members register while at the store; clothes they try on is added to cart.

Fabletics is a subsidiary of TechStyle and was founded in 2013 by Adam, Ressler and Kate Hudson. For the past three years, it has gained popularity and has been receiving positive reviews from customers and even competitors. The company’s management has found a way of making sure they can rise in the competitive field and with a great team, they deliver what customers want.

Richard Blair’s Three Pillar Approach To Wealth Management

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has a three pillar approach to wealth management at his company. Each pillar is designed to help clients move one step closer to achieving their financial goals. The fundamentals of each of the three pillars is described below.

The first pillar of Richard Blair is to create a financial roadmap for his client. The roadmap incorporates things such as client strengths, their risk aversion, investment opportunities and objectives. By seeing the client’s current situation it is much easier to layout a future plan to meet financial goals. This is the essence of the first pillar of the three pillared approach of Wealth Solutions.

The second pillar builds upon the financial roadmap or pillar created in the step above. Once a financial roadmap has been created, a financial plan can then be made to work towards the goals that the client wants to achieve.

Once a clear plan has established using the roadmap laid out previously, execution of the financial investment and wealth management begins. Richard Blair will then begin investing and relocating assets as he sees fit to ensure client returns meet goals and risks are minimized.

The third pillar of Richard Blair’s wealth management approach involves insurance. According to Creditor Weekly, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions enquires whether an investor needs insurance and offers them an insurance package that meets their needs. Richard Blair can offer both life insurance policies for dependents and family members as well annuity insurance policies.

About Richard Blair

Richard Blair is a financial advisor who created Wealth Solutions, a wealth management firm. Mr. Blair attended the University of Houston where he completed a bachelor’s degree in finance and management. He holds many certifications in the financial investment industry.

They include him being a certified annuity specialist, a certified estate and trust specialist and a retirement income certified professional.
Richard Blair’s company, Wealth Solutions offers retirement planning, financial planning and wealth management to clients. Mr. Blair is passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals. Whether it is setting aside money for a comfortable retirement or ensuring that one’s wealth does not lose value over time, Richard Blair is ready to help you.

His company is located at 13501 Galleria Circle Suite W-200 in Bee Cave, Texas 78738. Contact Richard Blair by calling 512-600-9880.

The Beneficial and Influential Work of Avi Weisfogel

In a recent article published by the Forbes Magazine, Avi Weisfogel is discussed as one o the most influential medical practitioners in the United States. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has worked to become a prominent dentist in the country because he has developed numerous therapies that have assisted the country to move forward through the management capability. As a matter of fact, Dr. Avi Weisfogel founded the Dental Sleep masters Company to enhance his works through the company in research. One of the other reasons why he developed the company is to have its research funded through innovation and brighter minds in the United States. In the recent past, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been involved in teaching other interested medical practitioners and doctors on how to use the medical therapies for treating the sleep apnea medical condition.

The company has tried to find numerous advancements in seeking the cure for this disease. According to a recent study conducted by the company, over 90 percent of people suffering from this illness are not diagnosed with the medical condition until they are working in capability. For this reason, they end up working for mismanaged capacities in a manner that is appreciated in the industry. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has worked through the Dental Sleep masers Company to have the medical solutions of this illness developed through innovation and strategy. He has also been recognized by the American Medical Association of Doctors because of his influential therapies that have assisted many people suffering from sleep apnea.

When Dr. Avi Weisfogelwas still a student in college, his main passion was to become one of the best dentists in the world. For this reason, he has managed to keep up with the growing trend and became the best entity in the region. As a matter of fact, he has also developed high-end capabilities to work for the latest age of development and solutions. Dr. Avi has also worked for other agencies before founding the Dental Sleep masters. The company came in at the most opportune moment when he was in need of developing sleep apnea medical solutions through various therapies.

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