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New Brunswick Sees Opening Of New Rental Apartment Development

After construction was completed in the beginning of 2016, the Quincy is now finally opening it doors to the public. The latest development in the city of New Brunswick offers people the chance to rent a studio apartment, one bedroom apartment and two bedroom apartment. The Quincy, according to the development’s official site is a luxury development that offers residents easy access to public transportation and the restaurants and nightlife of New Brunswick.


Amenities at the Quincy include a rooftop pool and lounge, gym, studio exercise room, community room and indoor garage parking. The development is located at 120 Nielsen Street. It is a pet friendly community that has a dog park and obstacle course for pet owners. For more information on the Quincy or to schedule a visit you can contact the leasing office of the property by calling 732.284.4040 or sending a message to [email protected] Alliance Residential Company manages the property. Their leasing office for the Quincy is found at 303 George Street, Suite 102 New Brunswick, New Jersey which is in a different building than the actual apartments of the development.


Pizza Delivery Man Robbery And Shooting Incident Involving The Quincy Name


Investigators found bullet casings by one of the buildings at the New Brunswick Apartments. A suspect wearing a hoodie was reported to have fled the scene after firing a gun. He has not been caught or identified by police. He was last seen heading towards the Quincy apartments on Nielsen Street as he fled the scene.


A group of criminals robbed a delivery driver who received an order to deliver pizzas to an address located at Quincy Circle in Dayton, New Jersey. The perpetrators of the crime were found a year later thanks to detective work that traced the phone call to the criminals who robbed the delivery driver. The leader of the group, named, Parysh Wood was already in jail when police uncovered that he was behind the November 30, 2020 robbery at Quincy Circle.

Anthony Petrello Board Memberships and Charity Giving

Tony Petrello is easily recognized as the CEO, President and Chairman of Board of Nabors Industries ltd. According to an overview published on, the company runs the largest fleet of drilling rigs in the US. The privately held company operates large fields in Louisiana, Gulf Coast Texas and Alaska. Petrello was appointed as the board member of the company in 1991. He was later named Nabors Industries President and Chief Executive Officer in October 2011. Petrello holds a Juris Doctor Degree from Harvard Law School and Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from the prestigious Yale University. Anthony Petrello also holds board memberships on in other companies and organizations including; MediaOnDemand Inc, Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston Museum of Fine Arts and Stewart & Stevenson LLC.

The other entities include Hillcorp Energy Company and UAMS Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy. Tony Petrello is also a member of National Petroleum Council and Council on Foreign Relations. The Houston, Texas based Stewart & Stewart is a leading manufacturer and distributor of oil and gas, mining, power generating and construction products and services. Texas Children’s Hospital is one of the largest and best run children’s hospital’s in the US. The hospital performs specialty treatments covering learning disabilities, birth defects, mental conditions, cardiovascular diseases, pediatric research, developmental problems and various blood disorders. The Hillcorp Energy Company at, on the other hand, is one of the largest natural gas and oil exploration companies in the US. The firm was established in 1989.

The charity organization, Periwinkle Foundation, where Petrello also serves as a board member is at the forefront of developing programs designed on to transform the lives of adults and children suffering from cancer and other life threatening ailments. Outside his engagements in the oil industry, from 1986 to 1991 Petrello served as a specialist in taxation, corporate law and arbitration at the New York offices of Baker & Mckenzie law firm on Lloyd Grove is a long time friend, freshman year college roommate and great admirer of Anthony Petrello.

In an excerpt published on the Daily Beast, Grove fondly describes Petrello as a mathematics whiz who has gone on to become one of the highest paid CEO’s in the US. In the rankings published in 2014, Petrello topped the list of highest paid CEO’s with compensation amounting to $68 million. He reveals that Petrello married soap-opera actress and college girlfriend, Cynthia Carrafa. The couple are well-known in philanthropic circles for their generous donations to various charities and causes. They have so far offered $7 million to aid research at Texas Children’s Hospital’s, neurological research center. The couple began supporting the hospital’s research initiatives after their daughter Carena was born with cerebral palsy. Glove concludes that Tony is both smart and lucky.

OSI Group is About Conquered the World of Meat Processing

While there are hundreds of large corporations working in the USA and dominating the market, there are a few privately owned business in the country, which is equally making profits and running their business on a massive scale. Among those, OSI group is a prominent one with billions of dollars in annual revenue and a global operation throughout the world.

OSI Group is considered as one of the most successful privately owned companies in the USA that specializes in meat processing and provides a wide range of retail and food products. It is one of the largest meat suppliers to the top food chains both inside and outside of the USA including McDonald’s, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut. Also, the company also produces a wide variety of private level food brands and it is the leader in co-packing major brands name items for different retail and food services.

The company was founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky in 1909 and within 20 years, it became one of the biggest wholesale meat trade, and it was renamed as Otto & Sons in 1928. They were selected as a meat supplier for McDonald in 1955 for their quality products. In addition to this, they perfected the Cryogenic food processing where they could preserve fresh food with liquid nitrogen. This enhanced their product quality and credibility in the market and helped them to secure contracts with some of the biggest chain and food services in the country.

OSI Group has a massive infrastructure to support its global operation. Its headquarter is based in Aurora, Illinois from where runs it’s 65 facilities scattered in 17 countries across the globe. Its products include but not limit to fresh or frozen patties, bacon, hot dogs, Raw chicken & pork, fish, pork, poultry, vegetable and dough products and so on. The company employs hundreds of employees both at home and abroad for its different operations such as supply chain management, nutrition, research and development, process engineering and so on.

OSI Group has been recognized and awarded for their unprecedented quality standards over the years. It received Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council for 2016 to ensure the highest quality standards in its facilities. It was ranked at 136th position in Forbes List in 2011 for securing an annual revenue of $3 billion, and in 2016 it ranked in the list at 58th position with its annual revenue of $6.1 billion. This is indeed a great achievement any privately owned company.

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Mike Heiliginstein: Improving Transportation in Austin A Project at a Time


The Williamson County Growth Summit was held a week ago. It was organized to facilitate the discussion of the future of transportation in Austin’s suburbs and how to solve the challenges that the city faced. The event took place at the Sheraton Georgetown Hotel. Relevant stakeholders attended to discuss these issues.


The panel comprised of Mike Heiligenstein who is the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Leandre Johns who is the Director of Texas External Affairs at Uber, Joseph Kopser who is the founder of RideScout, and Jared Ficklin who is a designer at ArgoDesign. Ficklin had previously suggested the idea of using an aerial gondola in Central Austin. Heiligenstein says that technology would play a significant role in the future of Austin’s transportation system through the inception of self-driving cars and the boom of ride-sharing apps. He added that they could not overlook the fact that more roads had to be constructed to cater for the increasing population in the suburbs.


Building more roads was not enough, but these roads would have to be smarter and technologically enhanced so that they could manage traffic better. Ficklin also brought to the attention of the people present that parking garages of the future would be different and building codes would have to be updated to cater for these edge cases.

The CTRMA (Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority) in Austin, TX is a government agency formed to develop a modern transportation network in the central region of Texas. The authority has the power to implement the construction of airports and seaports in the area. CTRMA can also issue bonds to help raise funds for the various development projects that they undertake. The authority uses private contractors to do the work of building the various projects that they have planned.


Mike is on the board of some transportation organizations such as the Texas A&M Institute as an advisor. He is currently the President of the IBTTA, the International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association. Future projects that CTRMA is looking into include setting up expressways in the region. It is working with other transportation entities to see how they can come to fruition.

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Mike Heiligenstein of the CTRMA: The Central Texas Approach from Central Texas Mobility Authority

Relating Fashion and Technology with Chris Burch

Recently, Chris Burch had a lot to say about the fashion and technology industries. His opinion, in this case, matters as he has invested heavily in the two. The ventures he has been involved with have also proven to be very successful. He says that these two industries have experienced a lot of changes in the previous years. He goes on to say that despite the changes, these two industries have continued to grow hand in hand. He says that for a person to understand the changes and the relationship between these two industries, it’s good to focus on the past, look into the future and also concentrate on the present. Burch even says that technology has become fashionable and at the same time fashion has proven to be technologically fashionable.

Chris Burch is well known for his involvement with the Burch Creative Capital. He has been in these industries for almost four decades and has a lot of experience that a young entrepreneur would want to listen to. Over the years, he has helped a lot of companies rise such as the Poppin, Voss Water as well as Jawbone and Faena Hotel + Universe. He has also sat on several boards in the past such as the Guggenheim Capital as well as The Continuum Group.

In the interview, Burch talked about the way designers have become creative to incorporate technology into fashion.  The gloves allow the firefighters to use hand gestures in the process. Chris Burch also talked about the way designers have used their wit to recycle materials and come up with fabulous fashions. He gives an example of the way recycled inner tubes have been used to come up with good jackets. Chris also talks about the way technology and fashion can be used to create energy that is environmentally friendly. For instance, there are clothes and shoes that can be used to generate energy as an individual walks.

Chris also talks about the way that fashion can be used to make technology relevant and become accepted by the society. He gives an example of the way a fashion designer used catwalks to popularize the Google glasses by making her models wear them in the catwalk.

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Introduction to Thor Halvorssen, the Paramount Freedom Fighter Activist

Thor Halvorssen is a human right advocate and a filmmaker. He has made great contributions in various sectors including the public interest activism and peoples’ right sectors. Moreover, he has influenced civil freedom and democracy advocate in Venezuela. He is the founder and the CEO of the Human Rights Foundation, a union that is committed to promoting human rights and liberty.

Thor Halvorssen started his advocacy activities in 1989 while he was in London. His mother’s death in a political protest drew him in launching the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). The organization is focused on promoting peace, democracy and liberating political detainees in Latin America.

HRF has been able to secure the discharge of seven captives as well as providing briefs to the global human rights cases. Also, the foundation has pooled their footprints to publish books. The books contain information about the responsibility of the state and peoples’ rights. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Furthermore, he is the patron of the Centipede Movement, a children’s peace movement. It facilitates mutual relations among adults and children in Poland.

His Activities in Film Production

He is the actor and producers of the Hammer and Tickle and the Singing Revolution films. The films are about the influence of ridicule and humor as a dialectal of reality to navigate the division between facts and propaganda. Further, the film is meant to encourage people to echo their voices whenever they are denied their rights. Apart from this, he has produced other films including the Sugar Babies, Freedom’s Fury and the Indoctrinate U documentary.

According to BizJournals, Thor Halvorssen received the Sol Feinstone Award from the University of Pennsylvania. The president of the University, Judith Rodin honored him for his great achievement in defending students’ speech. In addition to this, he received a silver medal from the Emil Constantinescu in 2010.

This was to celebrate the 1989 Romanian Revolution’s tenth anniversary. Emil awarded him on behalf of other freedom fighters to increase democratic activities in the world.

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