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David Osio Explains The Significance Of Davos Real Estate Group New Mobile App

Together with his team of Executives at the Davos Real Estate Group, David Osio presided the launch of the group’s new mobile application. During the presentation of the “Davos CAP Calculator” app to the company’s clientele, David and his associates pointed out some of the Apps key features and why it takes the company a notch higher as an industry leader. For instance, the app is said to be developed using the latest dynamic technology and available in both Android and iPhone applications.

Purpose of the App
According to Osio, the Davos CAP calculator provides the user with valuable market information at the touch of a button. Instead of approaching an agent every time you needed clarification of possible potential revenue from different items of property, you can use the app to calculate the returns in real time by putting into consideration the direct expenses and contingencies.

To make the app worthwhile, the Davos app allows members to browse through a variety of properties available for sale in the United States while allowing the user to estimate their profitability using the App. The real estate giant has also partnered with several banks and other mortgage financiers that provide them with data that app users can use to calculate and compare different mortgage rates based on the duration of the debt.
Additionally, Davos real estate clients can communicate directly with their respective agents by way of chatting through the platform. Here they can also reference historical information with their discussed in the past with their agents that are accessible through the application. Speaking during the launch, David also mentioned that the company is quickly implementing an expansionary strategy targeting European markets starting with Spain. He, therefore, stressed that app users would soon benefit from a large pool of properties to invest on both in America and several European countries.

About David Osio
David Osio is the founder and CEO of the financial advisory group, Davos Financial Group that parents several multi-industry companies including the Davos Real estate group. Since the establishment of the parent financial advisory company in 1993, Davos quickly diversified into the real estate and other service industries. Davos has also founded several independently licensed companies in strategic cities like Geneva, New York, and Miami as well as Geneva.

Professionally, Davos graduated with specialized studies in International Banking Law. He then started his career as the president of OPED enterprises being in charge of the coffee export programs. Davos depended on the experience gained in the managerial positions with these companies when he decided to venture out solo and establish Davos Financials.
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Securus Technology makes public its customer testimonials

Securus Technologies has been at the forefront in providing technology that facilitates communication and monitoring services in prison facilities. The company recently released its list of customer testimonials and reviews. The reviews were received by the company through letters and emails. According to different users, the kind of technology made available by the company has been highly instrumental in fighting crime. Not does the software just record people’s phone calls, but also helps identifying and tracking people’s voices.



According to a detective in the tactical field, the software has been highly useful as it has helped him convict multiple subjects in the past. He estimates that the records provided by the company helped him convict close to eight out of ten subjects, marking an 80% success rate with using the software. The detective went on to note that of the 100 subjects he has helped convict in the past four years, most of them were arraigned in court just because of the recording facilities provided by Securus. Through the aid of the software, the company has been highly successful with solving crime under the US Attorney’s office.


Securus has dedicated itself to providing the best services to its clients. The company has had multiple new patents and is helping fight crime every year.


According to multiple customer reviews and testimonials, people have stated that they have found the software made available by Securus to be highly useful in innovation and being at the forefront in fighting crime. Securus Technologies is headquartered in Texas. It is a long established company and has served more than 3,450 correction facilities across the United States.

InnovaCare Hires a New Team of Professionals

InnovaCare is a healthcare service provider with medical insurance plans that cover low to high-income earners. InnovaCare has boosted its expertise through hiring an additional team of three core officials including two people who have experience in governmental programs like Medicare and Medicaid Medical Covers. According to the PRNewswire, Jonathan Meyers is the current chief actuary officer of InnovaCare. Before his appointment as the chief actuary officer, Jonathan Meyers was the first director of actuarial services for Medicare and Medicaid programs on in Horizon BCBS in addition to serving as the chief actuary officer at HealthCare Partners located in New York. HealthCare Partners is a unit of Heritage Medical Systems.

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Penelope Kokkinides was appointed the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare with her twenty years expertise serving at the government health care facilities as the key facilitator for Medicare and Medicaid programs. Penelope Kokkinides has broad knowledge and experience in generating clinical programs and monitoring medical processes and operations with an objective of bettering efficiencies and managerial structures. Penelope has served in various healthcare facilities with her handling key roles. Examples of the roles Penelope has played include executive vice president and chief operation manager for Centerlight HealthCare.

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The third position to be announced was Mike Sortinos’s, the chief accounting officer of InnovaCare Health. Initially, Sortino was the chief controller of Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Before his appointment at Samsung, Sortino was the general financial officer of HCC Specialty for over five years. Mike Sortino has 20 years’ experience in the insurance and reinsurance industries including five years training in public accounting. Addressing the news panel, the chief executive officer of InnovaCare stated that Jonathan, Mike, and Penelope reflected a high degree of experience, skills and professionalism just like the requirement of InnovaCare Company. Shinto added that the new team was joining the old to position InnovaCare for future success against the current dynamic and complicated medical care challenges.