Bob Reina Understands The New American Dream

Right now, there is a new American dream out there, and that dream is to work from home and have their own business. People use to think there was a different way when to came to the American dream. Now, more than ever, people want to be their own bosses. It is a very powerful feeling and it gives people a sense of hope and a sense of confidence. It can be very draining and very tiring having to take orders from a boss. No one wants to do that, as they feel like they are losing a part of themselves in the process.


That is why when Bob Reina created and founded Talk Fusion back in 2007, he wanted to open up the gates for people to create their own life, their own dream, and their way of living. At the end of the day, Bob Reina has gone on record to say his mission is to change people’s lives. That is a big mission and Bob Reina has been doing that for ten years. He does that because he stays on top of trends and he stays in the know. He never rests on his previous success and he never becomes too comfortable with anything his company has done.


If anything, it only inspires him to do even more and keep it growing, day by day. He knows that is how the company is going to stay around for a long, long time. The minute they feel they have it made it or they have it all figured out, that is a deadly path for a company. That is not a path that Bob Reina wants Talk Fusion to fall down. His staff is very much the same way, especially the IT team. There is a reason they are winning awards left and right. They are some of the brightest minds in the business and the very best at their craft. With Talk Fusion’s state of the art product, nothing is going to get in their way of them staying at the top. They have climbed the mountain and now they plan on staying there.


George Soros – Creating a Difference in the World of Business

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. According to Forbes, he fled his country and paid for his business school at the London school of economics while working as a railway porter. He later started his finance career at the merchant bank. He moved to New York later here he started on Wall Street and established a hedge fund in 1969 using 12 million dollars. This is what was later rebranded to the Quantum Fund.

He made an impressive profit in 1992 when he broke the Bank of England by shorting the British Pound with help from his friend, Stan DruckenMiller. Many years later, he remains a force to reckon with as he continues his investment endeavors through his Soros fund management. His assets, family assets, including his family office, worth average at about 30 billion dollars. He hired a renowned Wall Street financial management expert Dawn Fitzpatrick in 2017 to run and manage his portfolio. She is the chief investment officer of Soros fund management and the seventh person to hold this position since 2000.

Soros is also known for his fierce criticism of President Trump. He is well known for his strong support towards liberal causes. George Soros has been affiliated to a number of organizations throughout this career and life. He has been with the F.M. Mayer, Wertheim & Company, Arnold & S. Bleichroeder as well as the Soros Fund Management. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Mr. Soros is famous for many things but he is most recognized for risking 10 billion on the British currency speculation. From this correct speculation, he made over one billion in profits in a day and ultimately over 2 billion was pocketed as profit. He is also famous for running the Quantum Fund whose annual generation was always more than 30% annually when he was in charge. Apart from his business associations and achievements, he is also well known for strong political stands and philanthropic activities. Visit to know more about George Soros.

He fled Hungary to England in 1947 where he graduated from London school of economics in 1952, which gave him an entry level job in a bank. He later migrated to the US where he served as financial analyst and held several investment management positions in different firms that he was associated with like the Mayer, Wertheim & Co. as well as Arnold & Bleichroeder.

His unique investment style is what has always put him ahead of his competitors. He is a master in the translation of broad brush economic trends to killer plays and leveraged currencies and binds. He is a short-term speculator that makes huge bets on financial markets directions. He describes the financial market as chaotic and that prices of securities depend on human traders, professional and non-professionals who purchase them.


Top Advertising Executive Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the current CEO of the advertising agency known as Global. According to Fast Company, she has worked at this firm for a few years and has established herself as a valuable addition to the firm. Senecal has had a very successful career in advertising and marketing in which she has held a number of managerial positions. Over the course of her career, Lori has been able to prove herself as an expert in marketing. As a result the clients of her firms have been in position to generate more sales and reach their revenue goals. As well as being a very successful marketing executive, Lori attributes her upbringing and balanced lifestyle to experiencing success. Lori looks to continue building on her success as a marketing executive in the coming years.

According to Ad Week, during the course of her career, Lori has emphasized establishing a culture for innovation and change. She believes in order to establish a culture, everyone must work together to achieve certain goals. By working together, everyone in an organization will be in position to develop a similar mentality of conducting business. Along with establishing a culture, Lori believes that an organization needs to adopt a certain vision so that they can have a better strategy to reaching numerous goals on a consistent basis. This philosophy has enabled Lori to establish herself as one of the leading marketing executives around. It has also allowed her to provide value to the many marketing firms she has worked for during her career.

One of the things that have contributed to Lori Senecal’s success is her upbringing. Since she was the youngest of four children, she needed to develop a way to set herself apart from the others and establish her own identity. With this approach, Lori would begin to find ways to stand out among her siblings. One of things she would do is adopt a strong work ethic. Using a strong work ethic would allow her to put in more effort to accomplish a number of tasks in life and in her career. She would also develop a strategy to achieve goals on a regular basis as well. Lori would routinely set goals and strive to meet them. By using this approach, Lori has been able to work her way up the ranks of the marketing industry. This has led to her not only becoming a marketing executive but also maintaining her level of success as well.

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The steps that End Citizens United are Making in the Political and Social Scene

The just concluded presidential elections are one of the most memorable contests in the history of the country. The tightly contested race saw some PACs that had not been heard of in many years come out to support their candidates of choice. Well, the elections are over, and the 45th president has been sworn into office, and even though not all the people supported the man, everyone agrees that it is time to come together for the future of the nation. One of the groups that were very vocal in the Democratic Party Campaign is the End Citizens United PAC. As their name suggests, the group came together to fight the legislation known as Citizens United, which was passed by the Supreme Court in 2010.


When the campaign season was starting in 2015, the group had raised about $2million. They used this money to support Democratic candidates of their choice. This amount had increased to more than $30 million by the end of the campaign cycle. They increased the number of candidates they supported with this money, and a good number of them are in office. The group is not operating a new initiative, which they had started advocating for during the campaigns that led up to the elections. They are seeking to have the constitution amended to disallow super PACs to participate in the elections process. They claim that this amendment has made it possible for dirty money from venues such as the Koch brothers to get its way into the politics.


The group needs at least one million signatures to get a hearing from the Supreme Court. They have managed to collect about 300,000 signatures and to get the rest, they have joined hands with the ‘Ready for Hillary’ Movement which has 4 million members. They are hoping that the Hillary group will help them increase their signatures. Richard Carbo, the leader of the group, spoke about their ambition, stating that he knew it was a little high, but also mentioned that they had a role to play towards ensuring that better political processes were followed in the country.


The last time that the constitution was amended was in 1992, which makes the initiative of the group seem like a far-fetched dream. Analysts claim that even if the team manages to raise $100,000 towards the effort, it will still be hard to convince the Supreme Court to give them a hearing. To this, they have responded by saying that it is their role as a group to make sure the public is kept in the know about the functions of the Supreme Court. Even though it may seem like all the odds are stacked against this group, they might effect some changes in the community.


EOS Lip Balm – A Step Ahead

We all have shopped for a product to soothe chapped, dry lips. We have been doing it for years, looking for the familiar tube of Chapstick or something similar. Seven years ago, EOS hit the market with their orb shaped lip balm, pushing the competition right off the shelves.

Now instead of cherry, mint or the medicinal flavor of plain Chapstick, we can chose from a number of brightly colored orbs in flavors like honeydew and grapefruit, Paparazzi were catching celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera pulling the EOS orbs from makeup bags and purses. Magazines like Allure were amazed with the product. It became a huge hit very quickly.

EOS – Evolution of Smooth honored Fast Company with an exclusive interview discussing their business strategy. Wanting to change things in the beauty aisle, the founders of EOS thought lip balm was a product that could use a face lift. They thought everyone in this particular category had gotten lazy – a majority of the products resembled that of the predecessors from 100 years ago. With this thought in mind, EOS lip balm was created, but not as a unisex product. This product would be packaged and marketed primarily for women.  EOS founders convinced a buyer from Walgreen’s to sell their products, and now the colorful cylinders of lip balm are at many major retails stores such as Kohls, Target and even Ulta.

EOS is a true startup. The founders used their own money, purchased their own equipment and manufacture their own products. This keeps their prices comparable to current products on the market. Also, the decision to market to millennial gave EOS an opportunity to hit social media hard – YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. EOS lip balm is second only to Burt’s Bees products and sells approximately 1 million units per week. EOS is always looking for new product innovations and has already added a line of shaving creams and hand lotions.

To read the Fast Company interview in its entirety, please visit,

Marks Sparks Has A Keen Eye For The Potentiality Of Success

Marc Sparks is a man about his business. He possesses a business acumen that has brought him great success in his personal entrepreneurial ventures and those of others. He has the ability to assess in rapid fashion whether an idea or product is more likely than not to be successful in the larger consumer market.

As a venture capitalist, he is willing to step off into the deep end and put his money where his mouth is for startups with high-growth potential in light of the rapidly changing trends of the supply and demand for the next great thing.

Venture capitalism is a niche of the financial market that provides a bridge to needed funds for various aspects of the business startup not obtainable through traditional means. It is not a loan but a private equity investment designed to help with growth expansion, commercialization efforts, improving the business infrastructural organization efficiency all in an effort to achieve a higher rate of return.

As a venture capitalist, Marc Sparks has helped a variety of entrepreneurs achieve success, and those whose businesses fail are much wiser and prepared for their next attempts at spreading their wings.

One would think the losses that he has endured and the associated high risks would dampen his desire to continue in this line of work, but he remains steadfast and determined. He has a heart for the struggling underdog who just cannot seem to get a leg up and needs a little help.

According to GoodReads, because of Marc Sparks’ business ventures, he has earned a unique description, ‘serial entrepreneur’. He has learned a lot over the past 34 years from his amazing successes and devastating failures. His experience with these high-risk endeavors has not only caused him to sharpen his skills but to understand and communicate how to take a good idea from point “A” to point “Z” through the minefield of the infrastructural organization, operational, and financial complexities and hurdles that can lead to success.

He authored a book entitled ‘They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success’ in which he shares his experience with failure, he says, “I feel like anyone reading my book will learn much more from my unsuccessful business ventures than they will learn from my successful ones.

Marc Sparks is the Chief Executive Officer of the private equity firm Timber Creek Capital, LP, in Dallas, Texas.

Madison Street Capital A Finalist In the M&A Awards


In this day and age, banks do not necessarily have the best reputation in terms of trustworthiness and ethics. These labels do not apply to Madison Street Capital, as referenced by the fact that this company was recently named a finalist for the M&A Advisor Awards. This is the 15th annual rendition of this award ceremony — which is a very respected award in the financial sector. A few reasons that this award is prestigious is because it celebrates companies that have exhibited high standards in terms of creating deals and handling financial matters with excellence.


Madison Street Capital has also received nominations for other awards, including the boutique investment banking firm of the year. This is a serious feather in the cap of this firm, which has held itself to the utmost standards throughout the years. This has allowed the company to increasingly reach global levels of prominence throughout the course of several years. They have been in business for a long period of time and continuously raised the bar year in and year out in terms of closing deals and creating high-quality financial standing amongst a sea of competitors in a very fierce market.


Who is Madison Street Capital?


This is an investment banking company that serves people in all different sectors. The company has a number of offices all over the world, to include multiple sites throughout North America, Africa and Asia. The professionals within this firm bridge the gap between sellers and buyers and continuously use cost-effective strategies in order to help people maximize on their investments. This has allowed them to emerge as one of the premier investment banking firms in the world — a designation that they take pride in and continuously uphold with every deal, both big and small.


This company specializes in middle market companies and has used their influence to help people from all walks of life. In addition to their imprint on the business world, this company hires nothing but the best and most ethical professionals and continuously fosters relationships throughout the community. For instance, they have made it a company tradition to provide support to organizations such as the United Way. The United Way is a viable company that continuously provides help related to disaster relief and long-term food, shelter and education needs.


This award finales position is yet another reason that the Madison Street Capital reputation is strong, and why they are one of the best companies around and that they take themselves and their clients very seriously.


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Making the World a Better Place with Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a well-known businessman who mainly deals with the financial and administrative sector. He is a person who doesn’t let chances pass through therefore making him a successful entrepreneur. He has been in the entrepreneurship industry for more than 13 years. He also contributes to the community through charity.

He has an exceptional technique that he provides so that in the upcoming days there will be a success, these services he provides include solution competence, finance, government happenings, business intellect and team accessibility. Currently he is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President if Newark Economic Development Corporation.

Through his whole career his hard work he has established business techniques developing payroll collections, receivables and pleasant payables. Brilliant result is created by the techniques by approaching technological creativeness in the partnership with current financial and business purposes. Moreover, Kevin Seawright has assisted in the progress of mid-Atlantic economy through balancing income procedure.

Controlling income is among the achievements that he has attained in his career of finance, therefore making an outcome of the scale improving to 25% per year in term of revenues. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has also advanced many companies because of his administrative experience and expertise; through him he has modified the employment energy, compensation regulation and good staff retaining.

Through the effort of his financial display in the state, capital and city bond possessions and federal has led to the enlargement of his financial sum to $400M. He has also contributed to education institutional ventures more than $600 in investment to building them.

Kevin has more techniques on how to assist a person to be successful in business. These techniques are steadiness in human assets and finance and approving expertise, displaying firmness to the staff members when you’re a leader because it improves the relationship among them, placing technology into proficiency in order to grow your business, having an extensive techniques development, being keen to problems because they are the chances and honesty to conditions growing a strong and well partnership with the community.

He as well advises the young generation, by his effort to his work he has been awarded numerous times.

Why Hair Needs WEN Cleansing Conditioner?

WEN Cleansing Conditioner replaces the need for multiple products with an innovative 5-in-1 formula. The Cleansing Conditioner literally provides shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner all in one bottle.

This is what makes WEN unique and different from other products on the market, it minimizes the process and cleans and refreshes hair without removing natural oils.

Other brands of shampoos and conditioners use harsh ingredients, such as sulfates and detergents, which strips the hair of its natural oils and weakens it over time. WEN Cleansing Conditioner contains an exclusive blend of botanicals, herbs and extracts that leave your hair feeling lighter, moisturized, shinier, and more manageable than any other product. These ingredients help to replenish and renew hair without causing any additional harm. Key ingredients such as glycerin, provides moisture. Chamomile and Rosemary extract work together to soothe and calm damaged hair. Wild Cherry Bark provides deep conditioning and Panthenol helps to strengthen and restore hair to its lustrous state.

The Cleansing Conditioner comes in six different formulas offered for a variety of hair types. Sweet Almond Mint and Pomegranate are suitable for all hair types and textures. Fig is designed for medium to thick hair that is extremely dry, damaged or color-treated. Lavender provides added moisture and volume. Tea Tree is recommended if you suffer from scalp problems like dandruff. Cucumber Aloe is a clarifying formula recommended for oily scalps.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is formulated by celebrity-stylist, Chaz Dean. Mr. Dean started his career at an upscale Bel Air salon where he quickly moved up the ranks from a hair stylist to a manager before eventually buying the salon. Mr. Dean has always had a passion for creating healthy hair; this quickly evolved into a product line of high quality, natural products free of harsh chemicals and additives.

EOS Tops Chapstick Sales

EOS ( is now a name preferred over Chapstick! Although the cylinder tube may be the choice for your chapped lip woes for as long as you can remember, times have changed and now Evolution of Smooth has outdone this leading lip balm brand. Although Burt’s Bees brand lip balm reigns in the number one spot, EOS lip balm is a close second, followed by Chapstick and Blistex. At one time, Chapstick and Blistex were the two top lip balm brands. In seven short years, EOS proved that all it takes to find success if a good product and even better marketing.

EOS began offering their product in 2009. Before the product was found on the shelves at Walgreens pharmacies, the creators of the EOS lip balm took the time to research and create a product that excited the lips and provided a welcomed change in your lip care routine. Today, EOS products are available on Target and Wal-Mart stores nationwide. EOS lip balms are made using all-natural, organic ingredients that condition and soften the lips. Chapstick offered an original and Cherry flavor, but sold themselves short of fun in the way of flavor. EOS added flavor fun to lip balm, creating several different tasty balms to suit all likings. Add the fun shaped container, and you have a product that won hearts over very quickly.