Making the World a Better Place with Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a well-known businessman who mainly deals with the financial and administrative sector. He is a person who doesn’t let chances pass through therefore making him a successful entrepreneur. He has been in the entrepreneurship industry for more than 13 years. He also contributes to the community through charity.

He has an exceptional technique that he provides so that in the upcoming days there will be a success, these services he provides include solution competence, finance, government happenings, business intellect and team accessibility. Currently he is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President if Newark Economic Development Corporation.

Through his whole career his hard work he has established business techniques developing payroll collections, receivables and pleasant payables. Brilliant result is created by the techniques by approaching technological creativeness in the partnership with current financial and business purposes. Moreover, Kevin Seawright has assisted in the progress of mid-Atlantic economy through balancing income procedure.

Controlling income is among the achievements that he has attained in his career of finance, therefore making an outcome of the scale improving to 25% per year in term of revenues. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has also advanced many companies because of his administrative experience and expertise; through him he has modified the employment energy, compensation regulation and good staff retaining.

Through the effort of his financial display in the state, capital and city bond possessions and federal has led to the enlargement of his financial sum to $400M. He has also contributed to education institutional ventures more than $600 in investment to building them.

Kevin has more techniques on how to assist a person to be successful in business. These techniques are steadiness in human assets and finance and approving expertise, displaying firmness to the staff members when you’re a leader because it improves the relationship among them, placing technology into proficiency in order to grow your business, having an extensive techniques development, being keen to problems because they are the chances and honesty to conditions growing a strong and well partnership with the community.

He as well advises the young generation, by his effort to his work he has been awarded numerous times.

Why Hair Needs WEN Cleansing Conditioner?

WEN Cleansing Conditioner replaces the need for multiple products with an innovative 5-in-1 formula. The Cleansing Conditioner literally provides shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner all in one bottle.

This is what makes WEN unique and different from other products on the market, it minimizes the process and cleans and refreshes hair without removing natural oils.

Other brands of shampoos and conditioners use harsh ingredients, such as sulfates and detergents, which strips the hair of its natural oils and weakens it over time. WEN Cleansing Conditioner contains an exclusive blend of botanicals, herbs and extracts that leave your hair feeling lighter, moisturized, shinier, and more manageable than any other product. These ingredients help to replenish and renew hair without causing any additional harm. Key ingredients such as glycerin, provides moisture. Chamomile and Rosemary extract work together to soothe and calm damaged hair. Wild Cherry Bark provides deep conditioning and Panthenol helps to strengthen and restore hair to its lustrous state.

The Cleansing Conditioner comes in six different formulas offered for a variety of hair types. Sweet Almond Mint and Pomegranate are suitable for all hair types and textures. Fig is designed for medium to thick hair that is extremely dry, damaged or color-treated. Lavender provides added moisture and volume. Tea Tree is recommended if you suffer from scalp problems like dandruff. Cucumber Aloe is a clarifying formula recommended for oily scalps.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is formulated by celebrity-stylist, Chaz Dean. Mr. Dean started his career at an upscale Bel Air salon where he quickly moved up the ranks from a hair stylist to a manager before eventually buying the salon. Mr. Dean has always had a passion for creating healthy hair; this quickly evolved into a product line of high quality, natural products free of harsh chemicals and additives.

EOS Tops Chapstick Sales

EOS ( is now a name preferred over Chapstick! Although the cylinder tube may be the choice for your chapped lip woes for as long as you can remember, times have changed and now Evolution of Smooth has outdone this leading lip balm brand. Although Burt’s Bees brand lip balm reigns in the number one spot, EOS lip balm is a close second, followed by Chapstick and Blistex. At one time, Chapstick and Blistex were the two top lip balm brands. In seven short years, EOS proved that all it takes to find success if a good product and even better marketing.

EOS began offering their product in 2009. Before the product was found on the shelves at Walgreens pharmacies, the creators of the EOS lip balm took the time to research and create a product that excited the lips and provided a welcomed change in your lip care routine. Today, EOS products are available on Target and Wal-Mart stores nationwide. EOS lip balms are made using all-natural, organic ingredients that condition and soften the lips. Chapstick offered an original and Cherry flavor, but sold themselves short of fun in the way of flavor. EOS added flavor fun to lip balm, creating several different tasty balms to suit all likings. Add the fun shaped container, and you have a product that won hearts over very quickly.


Squaw Valley Drinking Water Conditions Vastly Improved


After a recent report on the contamination of water in Squaw Valley, the director of Placer County Environmental Health has reported that conditions have greatly improved.


In October of 2016 ski resorts in Squaw Valley around High Camp and Gold Coast Funitel had reported contamination in the local drinking water. Placer County Environmental Health had found coliform and E. coli in the water following an unusually high rainfall. The resort had just finished reconstructing its water supply system and had been certified to go back into service when higher than average precipitation washed contaminates into the system. Afterwards, the resort contacted environmental health and public service offices to make sure that systems were still safe to use.


Squaw Valley Public Service District General Manager Mike Geary says that “Given that Squaw Valley Resort recently completed construction of their updated water supply and distribution systems and subsequently received significantly above average rainfall, these results are not surprising”, and Squaw Valley has been working with Placer County Environmental Health in order to improve water conditions. All other water systems were uncontaminated, and the resort restricted access to the contaminated water to prevent guests from getting sick.


In the meantime, the resort has been supplying guests with bottled water and packaged food so they could continue to enjoy the resort facilities in spite of the water concerns.


By December 2016 the director of Placer County Environmental Health Wesley Nicks reported that the drinking water conditions have vastly improved. Thee of the four wells that serve the upper mountain reported no E. Coli and very low levels of coliform due to joint efforts of Squaw Valley and Placer County Environmental Health. While conditions are improving, Squaw Valley is dedicated to keeping its guests safe and will not open access to the drinking water until levels have completely returned to normal. No health issues have been reported, and the skiing facilities at the report have remained open.

Fabletics Secret to Success

Fabletics a fashion company has found a way that it can compete with already existed competitors like Amazon; Amazon controls twenty percent of e-commerce fashion market and Fabletics have been able to go head to head with it. Changes in the economy have made people have a different view; unlike when price and quality mattered most, clients want exclusive design, great customer experience, brand recognition and the likes.

Currently, Fabletics has sixteen stores across California, Hawaii Florida and Illinois and they are planning to open many more; this is proof that the strategies they are using are paying off. The General Manager of Fabletics Gregg Throgmartin says that knowing what customers want and offering them at a half price competitors offer them is what is making them successful. The clients sign up for membership in Fabletics and this makes it easy for the company to know its clients personally.

Local online data is used by Fabletics to stock their local shops; membership preference, store data, social media comments are what they use to know what the customers of a particular area want hence stock. They create their fashion according to the current fashion trend and clients preferences according to SVP Operations Dustin Netral. Fabletics show their products both physically at their shop and online.

Fabletics expansion to local areas is helping them become more successful because they are getting more customers. They are moving closer to people and bringing clients preferences hence getting in touch with their cultures. They balance consumer education, experience, and lifestyle and has made them have thirty-five percent growth rate yearly. Shawn Gold, Corporate Marketing Officer of TechStyle Fashion Group, said that quality product, at a reasonable price, creative team and great media is what promotes growth.

Building relationship is an important aspect of Fabletics success and has turned browsing into an exciting activity. The membership platform has gained popularity and a good number of customers sign up before going to the store and more members register while at the store; clothes they try on is added to cart.

Fabletics is a subsidiary of TechStyle and was founded in 2013 by Adam, Ressler and Kate Hudson. For the past three years, it has gained popularity and has been receiving positive reviews from customers and even competitors. The company’s management has found a way of making sure they can rise in the competitive field and with a great team, they deliver what customers want.

Richard Blair’s Three Pillar Approach To Wealth Management

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has a three pillar approach to wealth management at his company. Each pillar is designed to help clients move one step closer to achieving their financial goals. The fundamentals of each of the three pillars is described below.

The first pillar of Richard Blair is to create a financial roadmap for his client. The roadmap incorporates things such as client strengths, their risk aversion, investment opportunities and objectives. By seeing the client’s current situation it is much easier to layout a future plan to meet financial goals. This is the essence of the first pillar of the three pillared approach of Wealth Solutions.

The second pillar builds upon the financial roadmap or pillar created in the step above. Once a financial roadmap has been created, a financial plan can then be made to work towards the goals that the client wants to achieve. The plan takes in account the client’s specific liquidity and return goals.

Once a clear plan has established using the roadmap laid out previously, execution of the financial investment and wealth management begins. Richard Blair will then begin investing and relocating assets as he sees fit to ensure client returns meet goals and risks are minimized.

The third pillar of Richard Blair’s wealth management approach involves insurance. According to Creditor Weekly, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions enquires whether an investor needs insurance and offers them an insurance package that meets their needs. Richard Blair can offer both life insurance policies for dependents and family members as well annuity insurance policies.

About Richard Blair

Richard Blair is a financial advisor who created Wealth Solutions, a wealth management firm. Mr. Blair attended the University of Houston where he completed a bachelor’s degree in finance and management. He holds many certifications in the financial investment industry.

They include him being a certified annuity specialist, a certified estate and trust specialist and a retirement income certified professional. He is also a certified fund specialist, certified income specialist and a certified tax specialist.

Richard Blair’s company, Wealth Solutions offers retirement planning, financial planning and wealth management to clients. Mr. Blair is passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals. Whether it is setting aside money for a comfortable retirement or ensuring that one’s wealth does not lose value over time, Richard Blair is ready to help you.

His company is located at 13501 Galleria Circle Suite W-200 in Bee Cave, Texas 78738. Contact Richard Blair by calling 512-600-9880.

The Beneficial and Influential Work of Avi Weisfogel

In a recent article published by the Forbes Magazine, Avi Weisfogel is discussed as one o the most influential medical practitioners in the United States. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has worked to become a prominent dentist in the country because he has developed numerous therapies that have assisted the country to move forward through the management capability. As a matter of fact, Dr. Avi Weisfogel founded the Dental Sleep masters Company to enhance his works through the company in research. One of the other reasons why he developed the company is to have its research funded through innovation and brighter minds in the United States. In the recent past, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been involved in teaching other interested medical practitioners and doctors on how to use the medical therapies for treating the sleep apnea medical condition.

The company has tried to find numerous advancements in seeking the cure for this disease. According to a recent study conducted by the company, over 90 percent of people suffering from this illness are not diagnosed with the medical condition until they are working in capability. For this reason, they end up working for mismanaged capacities in a manner that is appreciated in the industry. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has worked through the Dental Sleep masers Company to have the medical solutions of this illness developed through innovation and strategy. He has also been recognized by the American Medical Association of Doctors because of his influential therapies that have assisted many people suffering from sleep apnea.

When Dr. Avi Weisfogelwas still a student in college, his main passion was to become one of the best dentists in the world. For this reason, he has managed to keep up with the growing trend and became the best entity in the region. As a matter of fact, he has also developed high-end capabilities to work for the latest age of development and solutions. Dr. Avi has also worked for other agencies before founding the Dental Sleep masters. The company came in at the most opportune moment when he was in need of developing sleep apnea medical solutions through various therapies.

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Soros: An Embodiment of Determination

Popularly recognized Hungarian-American business magnate, who has a keen interest in investment, philanthropy, political activism and writing, George Soros is widely known for breaking the British pound owing to his quick sale of a large amount in pound sterling which was worth US $10 billion, thus earning a profit of $1 billion during a currency crisis. This is one of the main incidents in Soros’ life, where even though the chances of success were slim and a great deal of risk was involved, George Soros took a leap of faith and succeeded. Apart from being one of the most influential people in the world, Soros is among the thirty richest people of the world, with his wealth being put to good use.

Initiating his career in 1954 at the London-based bank, Singer & Friedlander, working as a clerk, he quickly moved on to the arbitrage department on Politico. The list of famous names that he has worked with is long and includes companies like F.M. Mayer, with a specific focus on European stocks, Wertheim and Co, analyzing European Securities till 1963, and Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, where he was designated as Vice President.

With a strong determination to work for the betterment of humanity, George Soros proved his commitment when he donated $500 million to the migrant and refugee businesses for the sole purposes of sustaining and creating adequate physical and social infrastructure for displaced persons. His crucial role in managing the refugee crisis was the epitome of his philanthropic work on Biography. Although his main motive was to manage the refugees and their startup businesses in Europe, he plans on embarking on a mission to help refugees and host communities worldwide. Furthermore, he has expressed his desire to work with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for the Refugees and the International Rescue Committee, which will help him garner benefits for the public, by using innovative processes that only the private sector can provide, which serves as inspiration to other investors to follow his footsteps that lead to positivity.

Additionally, George Soros is a well-known proponent of American progressive and liberal political causes. Soros spent huge sums of investment to campaign for the advancement of progressive movements in a way that can reshape the American justice system. More than $3 million went into local district attorney campaigns, with the main goals being, firstly, a reduction of discrepancies, and secondly, to provide a platform for African-American or Hispanic candidates. Other than that, these campaigns were also aimed towards the elimination of racial differences and bringing drug offenders to justice. George Soros has also financed district attorneys by investing large funds into campaigns held in the states of Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Illinois, Mississippi, and New Mexico via various platforms like state-level super PACs. The Florida Safety and Justice Group only utilized the $1.4 million that came from Soros. He strongly believes in the notion that criminals charged with same crimes are to receive the same treatments, without the influence of racial differences.

Currently, Soros heads the Open Society Foundation as chairman, whereby he is tasked with the responsibility of supporting various groups of civil society from across the world by financing them, with the core purposes of establishing justice, advancing education, improving public health, and the independence of media, which further enables him to utilize his untapped potential of bringing betterment to the society.

How Waiakea Hawaiian Water Grew To a $10 Million Valuation

Waiakea Water is now available In 2,000 stores across 30 states in the U.S. The water brand is available at a number of premier grocers including Wawa and Whole Foods. The company has met demands for the product in Hawaii by getting a new manufacturing plant on the island. Waiakea founder, Ryan Emmons, stated his pride for the brand’s growth.

The company has grown from producing 2,000 cases per year to 120,000 cases. In the process 500 million liters of purified water have been donated to underserved populations in Africa.

The company donates 650 liters of water for every liter of water sold. According to Forbes, this humanitarian effort is being accomplished through the combined effort of Waiakea water and Pump Aid. What exactly is Waiakea water and what makes it so special? It’s minerally dense, alkaline water loaded with electrolytes. The water is derived from the top of the world’s most active volcano. It has been filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock, resulting in unmatched purity.

Plus, it’s derived from a pure source and contained in plastic bottles made from recycled materials. It’s the first water company to be CarbonNeutral certified, meaning the company exceeds expectations when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. The company’s annual growth rate stands at an impressive 170 percent with a valuation of $10 million. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Ryan Emmons has truly created company that accomplishes much of what many businesses hope to. The water company produces a regularly consumed, healthy product.

Emmons has created a company that is not only considered the best volcania water brand, Waiakea actually gives back and supports the community. The company continues to be immensely successful despite a massive amount of competition. Waiakea is taking the lead as an innovative and responsible company.

Waiakea water has definitely carved its place into the market by offering something familiar in a new and improved way. Emmons also wanted to take on the challenge of being one of the few younger beverage company owners, many successful founders in this industry are in their 50’s. The company has grown 5,000% since Emmons founded it at the age of 22.

Mike Baur Business Ideas


Do you want to start a great business? If so, you need to have a plan in place to do so. A lot of people today are trying to figure out a way to invest for the future. There are many people today who have the knowledge they need to go out and start a company. However, many people also do not have the capital they need to start a successful business. Over the long term, many people have decided to work with Mike Baur in their journey to start a company. If you want to take things to a new level, working with Mike Baur is the way to go. He is ready and willing to invest in your life to help you get to a new level.


Mike Baur

While he was still in school, Mike Baur decided to start his own business. Although he did not do a great job with that first company, he learned a lot during the process. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to working with Mike Baur in the future. If you want to invest for your life and future, starting a business is one of the best things that you can do. A lot of people today are excited about all of the changes that he is going to make in the lives of others. If you want to learn all of the basics in starting a company, Mike Baur is the person to work with.


Future Planning

If you want to start your own company, you need to make sure you have a plan in place when doing so. A lot of people get excited about starting a company and then never end up following through on that plan. Over the long term, many people have figured out how to invest for their future in this area. If you want to invest in new areas, you need to figure out how to learn from Mike Baur and his start up factory. This is the perfect place for you to learn all about investing in new business ideas. With all of the changes in the economy this year, now is the perfect time to start your investing again. Come by and see him today in order to get the process started, and he can help you start your own business.